Integrative and supportive therapies to restore the body, mind, and soul

Enhance how you heal with integrative therapies and wellness services designed to put the power of your cancer journey back in your hands.

By your side through breast & ovarian cancers for life

Our vision is that every person with breast and ovarian cancers will feel the support of a loving community, and will have access to comprehensive education, services, and tools that enrich their health and well-being.

Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer or ovarian cancer within the last 18 months and live in the United States?

Please contact us to learn more about our Wellness Program and Passport of Services, valued at $2,000 of support and care.

Our mission is to enrich the health and well-being of those diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancers by funding and delivering integrative therapies.


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How to Support Bone Health Through Treatment and Beyond

Watch as an expert panel shares how to improve bone health with fitness, nutrition, and more.

In Their Words

Patients share about their experiences in the Unite for HER Wellness Program.

Ask the Experts: Combatting Cancer-Related Cognitive Decline

Speech-language pathologist Erica Guardascione, MS, CCC-SLP, answers your questions about Cancer-Related Cognitive Decline (“chemo brain” or “brain fog”) and provides guidance on how to improve cognitive functioning after treatment.

Exploring Integrative Care

Learn how integrative therapies can support you through treatment and beyond.

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Healthy Upgrades

Stay up-to-date with helpful wellness information, quick tips, nutritious recipes, and more.

“My Wellness Day was a game changer. When I was telling my husband about it that night he said ‘It’s so good to see you smiling and laughing. I didn’t realize how much I had missed your smile until I saw it just now.’ Unite for HER brought my smile back for my husband, my children, and me.”

– Frannie

Ovarian cancer gets overlooked because it isn’t as common. I felt so sad that I hadn’t been getting any support because I happened to have the ‘wrong’ female cancer. But all of that has changed now because of Unite for HER. I am ever so grateful.

– Nancy

Because of your services, I was able to discover so many wonderful ways to compliment my chemo and immunotherapy with integrative wellness therapies. The battle to beat this disease is a tough one, but Unite for HER has made my battle a lot easier.”