Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our educational blog! My name is Sue Weldon, and I’m the founder and president of Unite for HER. Through my own personal breast cancer journey, I learned how to educate myself, on many levels, about different healing disciplines and therapies. This path led me to becoming fully restored in body, mind and spirit. Now I have the opportunity to share the knowledge I have gained with all of you.  My hope is that you will find this educational blog a valuable resource, and that you get back the confidence and hope that was stripped away when told, “You have breast cancer.” We will also feature wellness information for women and girls of all ages to empower and encourage healthier lifestyle and consumer choices.

I am so honored to work with such incredible, knowledgeable consultants (We LOVE them!), educating us through their practical suggestions and valuable expertise. They all share the vision and mission of Unite for HER, as we aspire to help women and girls take control of their health and wellness. In upcoming posts, we will introduce these advisors through this blog and our education topic pages.

Every day, I am touched by the women with breast cancer that reach out to me. They share their personal stories so freely, giving me additional perspective and an opportunity to share the ‘New Normal’ that us cancer survivors are all striving to achieve. Once we accept and embrace the ‘New Normal’ that cancer tends to bring out in us, we can experience peace and understanding. This allows us the freedom to let the healing begin.

Education = Control

Knowledge = Power

Simply put, that is what this blog is all about! Get reading…you will be inspired!

Yours in health and wellness,


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