What’s Your Number? Time to take inventory!

Dear friends of UFH- it is time!

Time to take a serious look at the number of toxins and chemicals that you come in contact with in your home every day. I actually thought about this post while I was away on vacation and realized how easy it is to get out of your routine with the products you use daily. Vacation is one thing- no worries there. It happens twice a year, or more if we are lucky! Let that go. But our homes, that is a place we cannot afford to overlook. An averge home contains 500-1,000 toxins that you come across in your daily lifestyle. Staggering…right?

So I am asking all of you to find your number. Just knowing that number is empowering in itself. Then, one product at a time, start replacing those brands with all natural, organic options or do-it-yourself creations, just like grandma did. Safe for you and your family.

So where do you start? Get a pen and paper, or use your favorite iphone app, and start tallying. Start with your bath and beauty products, then laundry detergents, household cleaners, car, pet, garden, lawn, dry cleaning, Teflon pans, food (the packaged kind) and so on. Do you filter your water? If not, add it. You get the picture. Then make a goal to lower your “number” on those products you use every day. Good for you, your family, your pets, our environment.

And the most important toxic number in your home/lifestlye is one you cannot put a number on…STRESS!  (…hate that word)

Is your home or life a bit off balance, filled with unnecessary emotional struggle, worry, stress, and negative energy? That’s the most important place to start lowering your number. Not easy at times – I know – but a number we do not want to underestimate.

Remember, one step at a time, one healthy upgrade at a time. Just being aware – you are well on your way. And don’t throw out everything once you see that Holy Sh#%! number, just replace it with a better option when you run out.

Knowledge is power, and this my friends is something we can certainly control. Ok…now start counting!


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