Wheatgrass – The Votes Are In!

About 10 days ago I embarked on the wheatgrass journey to see how easy, convenient and balanced it would make me feel. I also felt that just having my opinion was not good enough. We needed some ’20 Somethings’ to see if it would work with their lifestyle and if they felt it was worthwhile.

After all, it’s all about prevention and being knowledgeable these days and forming habits for a lifetime.

So my son, Taylor, his friend, Tony, my dear friend, Barb, her daughter, Erin, and I all gave it a “shot.” Literally. I got out a shot glass and started juicing our freshly purchased wheatgrass with my new Manual Hand Lexen Juicer.

By the way…super easy to use.

Barb and I, we were sold! From the easy clean up, the quick preparation, the cost effective juicer and the limited amount you need to drink each day – 2 shots – how could you refuse adding this to your diet? Remember all the benefits I mentioned last week. Talk about a ‘feel good’ habit.

It delivered!

First of all, the color is amazing – a vibrant, beautiful green and you know right away it is packed with disease-fighting properties just by looking at its deep color. Erin noticed the color right away. Of course she did!

So you take your shot, swoosh it around in your month for a minute or so (allowing the capillaries to open and absorb the juice better) and then swallow. Done!

Now for me…it definitely has an aftertaste. It was sweet, but not the good sweet…more of an artificial sweetener sweet. That took some getting use to. But make no mistake, well worth it. I can definitely pull up ‘my big girl pants’ and get over that.

For Barb it was, “Easy. Done. I’m getting one.” She has tried green smoothies, juices, and none measured up to this convenience and taste.

Tony, Taylor and Erin all had the same feedback. “That’s it? Not bad. Definitely doable.” Doable, I like that word. Doable works!

We’re not trying to impress the palate – we want to impress our body. It is much better then drinking a green concoction that tastes like dirt and you have 8 ounces to go. And yes, lots of jokes made about eating dirt/grass, etc., but I was encouraged by their reaction!

The week I was diligent about taking my shot I had more energy and just felt incredibly good about what I was feeding my body. It helped build confidence and gave me a sense of control regarding my health and wellness.

My recommendation – Absolutely, YES! Give it a go! Our grade for wheatgrass, Manual Hand Lexen Juicer and the nice man that educated me on my purchase –  A!


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