Go Pink or Go Home!

Translation: Uniting for survivors and their families w/100% heart

What a emotional and extremely blessed month we have had at Unite for HER (UFH) and I want to take time to thank all the schools, businesses, families, coaches, faculty and students that got their PINK ON and united across Chester County for their loved ones affected by breast cancer. You truly brought meaning to our tag line “Go Pink or Go Home!” (Thanks, Ally Pancott for creating that for us.)

I could not help but give a heartfelt “shout out” of gratitude and thanks to our community that has worked so hard for UFH these past weeks. I am so grateful to the schools and businesses that dedicated their fundraising efforts to Unite for HER. There is something very powerful knowing that the funds raised go right into the community you live in and you can feel your efforts directly affect mothers, friends, families, neighbors, teachers, coaches and hospitals where you call home. It is because of your support we can continue to make a difference in the lives of so many women – partnering now with eight hospitals, and growing – in the Philadelphia area.

What has touched us most at Unite for HER is the compassion the students around the county have for advocating for their loved ones, and their commitment to make a difference, give back, and to learn ways they can incorporate healthy, organic lifestyle changes, creating wellness habits for a lifetime.  I am inspired by this generation of students for they have such a sense of community and compassion that shows unconditional love and support. They truly are our future and we are honored at UFH to give them an avenue to raise awareness and funds for women affected by breast cancer.

I have met remarkable students, women and men along this “Pink Journey.” I have listened to many stories that bring me such joy and hope and others that have moved me to tears, for I know all too well the path they have or will travel is a difficult one that will change their life forever.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to teams, companies, Health, Family & Consumer Science classes, and at ‘pink events’ where we focus on educating everyone about nutrition and ‘healthy upgrades’ we all can incorporate for our personal wellness plan. It’s staggering how many  hands  go up when I ask them if they have a loved one affected – usually over half the class/team, and I can see it in their eyes that it is all too close to home. Knowing that we have the power to make the right choices in the foods that we cook, eat and buy, and understanding the importance of eliminating the products we use in our homes and on our bodies that contain chemicals and toxins is where we can all make a difference in our families and the fight against disease, one healthy upgrade at a time.

For us at Unite for HER, GREEN is the new PINK. For every pink ribbon you see, visually turn it green – a reminder to choose green leafy vegetables and plant based foods, to go green in the products we chose, and enjoying nature at its finest this fall, eliminating stress in our lives.

God has given us quite a platform at UFH to bring change to the standard of care and one we take great responsibility in delivering.

So thank you…thank you…for sharing your personal cancer stories and listening to mine, for dedicating  countless hours and effort to UFH outreach events, for valuing the work we commit to at UFH and learning how we get the funds you raise right into the hands of the breast cancer survivor and their families, for uniting with us as we help women on their path to wellness, restoring them back to the women they once were and for many, even stronger-both emotionally and physically.

We are honored and fully committed in our mission, vision and outreach and thank you for the trust and faith you have in Unite for HER.

With love,


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