A Year in Review

Dear Friends of Unite for HER,

Where do I begin…so much growth and good news has surrounded Unite for HER this past year, and once again we have our supportive local community to thank for that. I wish I could thank each of you personally, and please know that this e-mail brings a very warm and grateful heart attached to it.

We continue to receive testimonies from our patients that inspire us and validate the vision and outreach we strive to achieve at Unite for HER. One recurring message we hear time and time again is how they have never seen an organization work so diligently to ensure the funds go right into the hands of breast cancer patients and their families. I am so glad our community and faithful donors recognize our dedication to maximize our outreach impact.

Here are a few of our highlights of the past year:

~ Last year we held wellness day programs for breast cancer patients in two hospitals. This year, we were in six hospitals surrounding the Philadelphia Area (Bryn Mawr, Lankenau, Aria Health, The Chester County Hospital, Riddle and Paoli), with additional hospitals in the works for 2013. See our Facebook album for the latest wellness day event held at the beautiful and relaxing Terrain garden center.

~ We have established a Path to Healing Grant Program for breast cancer patients who are not affiliated with our partnering hospitals, and approved applicants receive a years worth of complementary therapy treatments ( acupuncture, massage, nutrition/cooking sessions, and private yoga consultations) without the financial burden. We have also formed partnerships with Magee-Women’s Center in Pittsburgh and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, and they are now also a part of this wellness outreach and grant program.

~ We have executed and funded ten wellness day events in our area, educating, empowering and restoring over 400 women newly diagnosed through the power of complementary therapies as well as giving them a growing season of fresh organic vegetables from local farmers, advocating for “Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine and Thy Medicine Be Thy Food” ~ Hippocrates

~ We have established a Integrative Care Program at Paoli Hospital for 140 breast cancer patients for 2012/2013 where they will receive our resources and complementary treatment vouchers (paid for by UFH) at the time of diagnosis.

~ We developed a comprehensive education program for disease prevention and overall wellness. Please see our website and meet all our contributors and writers.  http://www.uniteforher.org/educate-overview.html

~ Launched our blog and improved our social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest), giving weekly healthy upgrades to all women and girls focusing on their emotional and physical health. Join us on Facebook to receive notifications for the weekly healthy upgrades.

We are approaching the last few days of our Annual Campaign, and I personally wanted to reach out and request that if you are planning to give to an organization, please consider Unite or HER this year for your giving.

Wishing much love and peace this holiday season for you, your family and dear friends.

Sue Weldon

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