Check out these perfect for summer, fun, little, popsicle-shaped soaps!


What You’ll Need:

BPA-Free Popsicle Molds

Wooden Popsicle Sticks

Double Boiler

Measuring Spoons

Liquid Measuring Cup (heat-safe, preferably glass)

Spatula (heat-safe)

Mixing Spoon



8 oz. Glycerin Soap (clear, or assorted colors)

1/4 tsp. each natural Essential Oils in Orange + Lime /  Fragrance Oils in Cherry + Grape 

Natural, plant-based food coloring 



Always use the highest quality of fresh, organic ingredients when possible. Most materials + ingredients can be purchased at Mountain Rose HerbsStarwest Botanicals, or Amazon.

I believe that only the Norpro brand of popsicle sticks fit into the Norpro Molds.

For helpful Soap making hints, click here.



Divide soap into 4 parts of 2 ounces each.

Melt one part at a time in a double boiler.

Work in small batches adding a fragrance oil + matching natural food coloring for each one.

Stir gently + pour into molds.

Add a popsicle stick

Put popsicle molds in freezer + when frozen, remove from molds.

Store in cellophane bags with a ribbon or a twist tie.

Make sure to mark them clearly so they don’t appear to be candy!


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