Red cocktail with salt

‘Tis the season of holiday parties full of family, friends and food. Parties are a great time to relax and enjoy yourself, but they can also be full of unhealthy choices. If you are limiting your alcohol intake this party season, you can still enjoy a festive drink. Try one of our delicious ‘mocktail’ recipes or use them as inspiration to create your own signature drink.

It’s not a party without bubbles. Bubbles can be added to any of the mocktails below by using either seltzer or club soda. Both of these choices are sugar free. Seltzer and club soda are water with added carbon dioxide. Club soda also has minerals added for taste. Tonic water, on the other hand, contains added sugar. It is best to avoid tonic water in your mocktails to keep the sugar content low.


Cranberry Apple Sparkling Cider: Combine equal parts apple cider and 100% cranberry juice. Garnish with a splash of bubbles and few fresh cranberries.

Pomegranate Hibiscus Tea Sparkler: Steep a bag of hibiscus tea in a cup of simmering water. Cool and mix with a splash of pomegranate juice. Serve over ice with a splash of bubbles and a few pomegranate arils.

Orange Earl Grey Tea-tini: Steep a bag of Earl Grey tea in a cup of simmering water. Cool and mix with a splash of freshly squeezed orange juice. Shake with ice and serve in a martini glass with a twist of orange. Try with decaf tea if you want to avoid late-night caffeine.

Faux-jito: Muddle a handful of mint leaves with a lime wedge in a tall glass. Add ice cubes, a drizzle of honey, a squeeze of lime juice and seltzer or club soda. Stir to combine. For a tropical twist, try coconut water instead of, or in addition to, the bubbles.

Non-alcoholic Sangria: Steep two bags of decaf black tea with one cinnamon stick in 2 cups of simmering water. Meanwhile slice 1 orange, 1 lemon and 1 lime. Core and cut 1 apple into chunks. Place fruit in the bottom of a large pitcher. Once cooled, pour the tea into the large pitcher with fruit and combine with 3 cups pomegranate juice and 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice. Refrigerate mixture for at least a few hours or overnight. Right before serving, stir in 3 cups of seltzer or club soda.


By: Amanda Thomas, RD, LDN