25 mini-goals for 2015


We often choose lofty New Year’s resolutions that are honestly, really hard to achieve so don’t feel defeated if you have already slipped up, it’s really common! Instead of overwhelming yourself with the idea that you have to accomplish some huge health feat why not regroup and pick several small goals that you spread out over the course of the year. You can choose a new goal each week or maybe focus on one every month. The key in keeping it simple by choosing healthy upgrades you can achieve! No one wants to feel like a failure so focus on adding things into your routine versus depriving yourself. Any positive change is a good thing—no matter how small! Here are 25 mini-goals for your to consider! Pick one, two or twenty that speak to you and give them a go. Be compassionate with yourself and remember that perfection doesn’t not exist.

1. Eat ______ servings of vegetables a day
2. Eat ______ servings of fruit a day
3. Eat ______ servings of nuts or seeds a day
4. Eat ______ meatless meals per day/week
5. Eat beans _______ times per week
6. Limit refined grains like (breads, cereals and crackers) to ____ servings per day
7. Ban all added sugar for _____ week (s) and see if you feel differently
8. Ban a food that doesn’t agree with you for _____ weeks(s) and see if you feel differently
9. Swap ______ processed food (s) for a whole food
10. Make a batch of dried beans
11. Try a new whole grain like quinoa, teff, farro, millet or barley
12. Make a batch of a whole grain at the beginning of the week to use throughout the week
13. Cook ahead ______ meals to use throughout the week or store in the freezer
14. Pick a new recipe each week to cook
15. Try a new-to-you ingredient once a week/month
16. Fill half your plate with vegetables at each meal
17. Make a food that you would usually purchase (examples are salad dressings, oatmeal from scratch, almond milk, soup, tomato sauce)
18. Decrease the amount of animal protein on your plate by _____ oz. at each meal
19. Make an upgrade to grass-fed pastured animal proteins
20. Make an upgrade to small, wild-caught fish
21. Drink _____ glasses of water a day and/or decrease the number of sugar sweetened beverages you consume
22. Use half the sugar you currently use in your coffee or iced tea
23. Be mindful at meals: chew each bite at least ten times
24. Be mindful at meals and check in with yourself half way through a meal to see if you are still hungry and stop eating if so
25. Celebrate your plate by pausing to be grateful for the nutrient dense foods you are eating (you will create a more nutrient dense plate in the process)

(for blank spaces: insert a number that represents an appropriate healthy upgrade for you)

Share your healthy upgrades to help expand our list!


By: Katie Cavuto MS, RD

Photo credit: thegirling.com

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