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Already struggling to stick with your New Year’s Resolution? Don’t worry, it is more common than you think. Take a deep breath and consider revamping your goals. For starters keep your New Year’s resolutions small, achievable and positive! Opt to add something beneficial into your routine instead of depriving yourself and then…make it FUN! You know the feeling you get when you buy a new pair of running shoes and feel like you can run a marathon? Use that principle and apply it into your day to day life but mixing things ups, finding inspiration and keeping your goals feeling fresh and fun. Here are a few tips for adding some inspiration to your day-to-day life so your healthy living goals stay on point.

1. Start Pinning – Pinterest in an inspiration mecca. You can search for new and exciting recipes, find inspiration from beautiful food and ingredient photos or even feel motivated by different health tips and tricks. Create your own pinterest account so you can create boards and start a collection of things that motivate and inspire you. When you need a pick me up you can visit your boards to get re-energized.

2. Invest in new sneakers – Okay, maybe sneakers are not your thing but there is a lot to be learned from this principle. If you want to feel excited about time spent in the kitchen consider purchasing (or borrowing) a beautiful cookbook or buy a few colorful dish towels or aprons. Maybe you invest in a new kitchen tool, like a microplane, that will get you jazzed about whipping up a new recipe.

3. Celebrate your plate – Literally. Funky, fun, colorful plates, mugs and bowls will get you psyched about eating even if the food you are eating is less than inspiring. Have fun with this and head to your local thrift store where you can build a collection on a budget or check out your favorite home goods store (I love anthropologie) for a huge variety of plate inspiration! Looking to keep portions in check–consider a Buddha bowl which is a meal sized bowl that helps with portion control.

4. Sip in style – I received a new mug over the holidays and I have loved drinking tea from it—it feels extra cozy and soulful further promoting the “new sneaker” philosophy. Maybe your goal is to drink more water? Invest in a new water bottle (glass or stainless steel is best) that you love! Your investment will pay off as you will purchase fewer bottled beverages (which are expensive and often have added sugars) and you’ll feel great guzzling H20! I love Lifefactory Bottles and Klean Kanteen.

5. Start grooving – Music is motivating and inspiring for many of us. Make a playlist that will keep your spirits high if you are on a run, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or simply trying to get through treatments. You can even create a few different playlists that will be enjoyable depending on your mood.

6. Photograph your food – Photography is fun for many people and if you love it, why no start photographing your healthy eats? You might find joy in creating the scene and plating your food in a beautiful way. You can even share it with your friends on facebook or instagram and pin it to pay forward the inspiration! We would love to see pictures of your healthy eats! Share them on our facebook page as well!
What inspires you to live healthier?

By: Katie Cavuto MS, RD