DIY Beauty: Coffee, Cinnamon, Cacao + Coconut Sugar Scrub

DIY Organic Beauty Coffee, Cinnamon, Cacao + Coconut Sugar Scrub

Wake up your skin with this super-indulgent DIY body scrub! The coffee reduces the appearance of cellulite, cinnamon gets your circulation going, the cacao is full of antioxidants, the sugar exfoliates, + the coconut oil helps to replenish all the moisture!

Ingredients + Supplies:

Measuring cups

Measuring spoons

2- 4 oz. mason jars

1/2 cup organic coconut oil

1/2 cup ground, organic coffee

1/2 cup raw, organic sugar

1½ T. raw, organic cacao powder

1½ T. organic ground cinnamon


Use the best fresh, organic ingredients you can find.

Grab DIY ingredients + supplies from your local grocery store, or these online retailers: Amazon, Mountain Rose Herbs, Starwest Botanicals, Aura Cacia, Frontier Co-op, or The Container Store.

Don’t add the sugar if the coconut oil is hot…it will melt it!

Play around with sugar/coffee + coconut oil amounts to get the consistency you want.

Due to the coconut oil, this scrub will solidify at 76 degrees.

Caution – shower may get slippery!

May stain white, or light towels.

Store in a dark, dry place for about 6 months.


Gently warm the coconut oil just enough to melt it by using a small pot on the stove, or placing the jar in hot water.

Make sure it’s cool, then stir in the coffee, cinnamon, cacao powder + sugar.

Mix well.

Apply in the shower using wide, circular motions with strong, even pressure.

Rinse well.


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