Green food has become a fun celebratory tradition on St. Patrick’s Day, but that doesn’t always translate to healthy eats. Here is a round-up of good-for-you festive, green grub as well as a few Irish staples so you can truly celebrate the day in a healthy and enjoyable way!



Registered Dietitian Meme Inge of Living Well Kitchen created these Avocado Deviled Eggs which offer a healthy, festive spin on the classic version.



Remake your Shamrock Shake with this Green Lentil Smoothie from Stephanie McKercher, MS RDN of The Grateful Grazer.



These “green” pancakes are the perfect family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day breakfast. Dietitian Meme Inge added spinach and cottage cheese to up the nutritional ante in this gluten-free recipe.



We have two recipes for all of you that enjoy Irish Soda Bread. Pictured above is a gluten-free, vegan option from Amari Thomsen, RD; or you can opt for a Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread created by The Foodie Dietitian, Kara Lydon, RD.



Guinness Stew is a soulful St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Meme Inge, RD offers a healthified version of this Traditional Stew (pictured above) and for those of you that don’t eat meat – we have you covered! Try this Vegan Guinness Stew from The Plant Powered Dietitian, Sharon Palmer, RD.



By: Katie Cavuto, RD