DIY BEAUTY: Matcha Mask


Matcha is known for it’s antioxidant super-powers! It helps soothe, smooth + detoxify skin, while Kaolin clay is best known for it’s cleansing, thickening + oil absorbing properties. And, Manuka Honey is just the best mask add-in ever with it’s anti-acne, anti-microbial + major moisturizing properties.

For this mask, we’re going to use authentic Japanese Culinary Matcha Powder because it’s actually higher in antioxidants than Ceremonial Matcha. Plus, it’s a little more budget-friendly too!

Ingredients + Supplies:

1 teaspoon Jade Leaf Classic Culinary Organic Matcha Powder

1/2 tablespoon Frontier Co-op Kaolin Clay Powder

Drizzle of Manuka Honey

Water – just enough to reach desired consistency


1. Mix well, until smooth.

2. Activate the mask, by adding just enough honey + water to get the consistency you want.

3. Apply to clean, damp skin ­– using a facial brush, or your fingers.

4. Leave on for 15-30 minutes, or until dry.

5. Rinse + moisturize as usual.

Tips + Tricks:

If you wanna kick it up a notch, try adding in some plain, full-fat yogurt, fresh lemon juice, or some activated charcoal.

Play around with the ratios. You may like more Matcha than Clay, more honey than water, or vice versa.

The more honey you add, the less likely it will be to dry + crack.

Grab DIY ingredients + supplies from the organic section of your local grocery store, Amazon, Mountain Rose Herbs, Starwest Botanicals, Aura Cacia, Frontier Co-op, or The Container Store.

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