The Person Next to You:


This poem by Prissy Galagarian invites us to see the wonder in humanity and embrace the differences that make us special and unique. A perfect reflection for this time of year and this moment in history.

“The person next to you is the greatest miracle
and the greatest mystery you will ever
meet at this moment.

The person next to you is an inexhaustible
reservoir of possibility,
desire and dread,
smiles and frowns, laughter and tears,
fears and hopes,
all struggling to find expression.

The person next to you believes in something,
stands for something, counts for something,
lives for something, labors for something,
waits for something, runs from something,
runs to something.

The person next to you has problems and fears,
wonders how they’re doing,
is often undecided and unorganized
and painfully close to chaos!
Do they dare speak of it to you?

The person next to you can live with you
not just alongside you,
not just next to you.

The person next to you is a part of you,
for you are the person next to them.”

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