Summer Round-Up: A Note from UFH Founder & CEO

As we wrapped up our fiscal this June and head into the Fall, I could not think of a better time to express the great love and gratitude we have for all of you, our Unite for HER Community, for your consistent trust and support. This past year we surpassed our budgeted goals and expectations, serving 60% more women and raising the funds to support such a jump in outreach…

1,204 newly diagnosed women, from over 30 cancer centers and hospitals in the Philadelphia area, received our one-year integrative care program, with our hands on Wellness Day Event and UFH complementary care passport services we are known for. We also, with great humility, stepped into the metastatic breast cancer space, committing to a continued “Wellness UFH Passport Program”, where we are always by HER side, renewing treatments and services for these women every 6 months. We fully understand that their treatment plan is ongoing and we vowed to be a source of consistent care and support. We treated 64 women last year that were metastatic and are humbled by the overwhelming positive response and support from our community by providing such impactful care.

All is not possible without YOU, our community of donors, supporters and volunteers. We applaud you for pushing Unite for HER forward in a way that is changing lives and creating a new standard of care for our women, integrating the impactful programming that Unite for HER is honored to fund and deliver.

Looking at our year ahead, we are focused on delivering once a again expanded programming, reaching more women, with exciting new pilot programs.  We look forward to reporting our results and impact as we roll out this outreach in 2018/19. Stay tuned. We promise to deliver in Unite for HER fashion!

With love always,

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