Run a virtual race to support Unite for HER this September in six easy steps!

1.  Register online.

Select ‘Virtual Runner‘ on the Race Registration Page and complete the form as direct.

* Use code ‘VIRTUAL’ to receive $5 off your registration!


2. Invite your friends!

Share your goal on Facebook and invite friends to join you on your virtual run or walk!


3. Map out your route ahead of time (3.11 miles for a 5K run or 1.24 miles for a 2K walk).

Use a free online tracking tool like MapMyRun or Google Maps (free account creation required) to plan your route before the big day.

Pro Tip: Adjust your settings to kilometers for easy tracking.



4. Download a mobile fitness tracking app to live-track and log your race.

Download a mobile run-tracking app like MapMyRun or Nike+ Training Club and create an account as directed.  Practice logging your route and taking a screenshot of your completed route so you are prepared for race day.  Unsure how to screenshot?  Let these helpful tutorials guide you:

5. Race day!

Equipped with running gear (charged cell phone, smartwatch, or fitness tracker) and pals, run or walk your selected route and have fun!

* Bonus points: If you tag UFH in your pink race t-shirt or UFH gear on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram



6. Submit your participation by September 24, 2018.

Submissions must include a screenshot of your location, completed run, and race photos.

Submit My Run