5 Minutes With Pink Invitational Meet Coordinator Kim Di Biaggio

Our community is a diverse and talented group of individuals dedicated to being By HER Side through breast cancer. HER Community is a monthly series that introduces you to the many faces of Unite for HER. 

Professional Background:

BS in Business Analysis and Research, Texas A&M University. Senior Systems Engineer, Electronic Data Systems (EDS). I currently work as office support for AJS Pancott Gymnastics and volunteer for Unite for HER.

At work during the Pink Invitational

How did you become involved with Unite for HER?

I have been here since before the beginning! I have been very involved with the Pink Invitational since our first year and worked many Wellness Days, as well as Harvest and the 5K. I also served on the Unite for HER Board of Directors for multiple years.

What is your role in a Wellness Day and the Wellness Day Program?

I have volunteered for Wellness Day setup and exit interviews.

What is your role in the Pink Invitational (Unite for HER’s largest fundraising event)?

I am the Gymnastics Meet Coordinator, and I am a point person up in the gyms all weekend. I help to run march-ins, notify the Volunteer Coordinators of volunteer issues, and make sure all of our sessions are running well and on-time. However, as Meet Coordinator, my hands are sort of in the whole big picture. My gym contacts have my cell, so I will get many calls/texts with issues that need to be addressed (last minute level changes, leo issues, awards/age group issues, roster issues, last minute adds, lost individuals who need directions, etc.) I am back and forth a lot between the gyms and the downstairs activities. This year I logged over 30 miles of walking over the four days at the Convention Center… and I still only lost 1 pound dang it. Most importantly though, I try to stay out of all photos that are taken so no one discovers my true identity!  Oh, and there’s also the most important task of figuring out where we can all go each evening to relax after the long day!

When does the planning begin with the Unite for HER and AJS Pancott Team for an event this size?

It’s a year-round process, although once I get through meet followup (final account statements/refunds/payments, extra leo sale/shipping) and we have our recap meeting, the end of March thru May and most of the summer is pretty quiet except for inquiries and emails I get from gyms wanting to attend the next year. We also discuss “new” things we can add or do in the upcoming year’s event. What will we add for 2020? Stay tuned for some exciting announcements! Also, a big shout out to Steve and Louise Pancott, as I work in the office at AJS Pancott and can often be found working on Pink while I’m there.

Any fun facts or experiences to note?

As you can imagine in a meet this size, we get all kinds of emails that start “This is probably not possible, but I promised I would check…” or “I have a really weird request”… I always tell them there are no impossible situations (for the most part) and no request is too weird! But my annual novel from Doug Pershun (Erie Gymnastics) after his Stars and Stripes meet is one of the things I look forward to the most every year. He is a riot, his life experiences are hilarious, and every year at the meet he also tries to marry my daughter off to his son. (Sorry Doug, she’s already happily married!) As for unbelievable experiences, this year we had a family who unfortunately drove to Pittsburgh instead of Philadelphia for the meet, which was unfortunate. 

I truly enjoy the whole experience (except putting together coach packets ) I have fun communicating with gyms and keeping everyone happy. We really pride ourselves on “customer service” and doing all we can to satisfy our gyms/coaches/parents/gymnasts! But it takes our whole team… our motto is ‘TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!’

What Inspires Your Work With Unite for HER?

Knowing that we are making a visible difference in the lives of these women with every dollar we raise!

Words to Live By:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou
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