Happy New Year

Here we are, another year, feeling extremely blessed and thankful. With so much to be grateful for at Unite for HER, it is that feeling (stay with me here friends and you will see where I am going with this) that stands out above all else, the common thread throughout our mission-driven work. It is how we make the thousands of women and men we serve feel each and every day…

They feel

Supported. Renewed. Heard. Encouraged. Empowered. Good Enough. Restored. Embraced. Alive. Stronger. Special. Blessed. Remembered. Honored. Joyful. Educated. Care for. Inspired. Enlightened. Purposeful. Loved.

When I thought of how one reflects on a year filled with so much service and love for more than 1,800 newly diagnosed women and men each year, I came up with this one word:


For that is what Unite for HER is known for. For what our staff, board, and volunteers aspire to achieve.

It is our why each and every day:

to have those we serve remember how we made them feel.

Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us, leaving a significant impact on the work of Unite for HER. Thank you for being such committed ambassadors of love and service, helping us answer our WHY each and every day.

Today we welcome the new year full of opportunity in every new day… that the light has not even touched yet.

Here is to 2020, may we continue to serve in a way that has our women and men feeling “oh so good.”

With love and support always,

Sue Weldon and the Staff and Board of Unite for HER

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