5 Minutes with Unite for HER Nutrition Manager Erin Pellegrin RD, LDN

Our community is a diverse and talented group of individuals dedicated to being By HER Side through breast and ovarian cancers. HER Community is a monthly series that introduces you to the many faces of Unite for HER. 

Professional Background:

I graduated from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York with a BA in Communication/Journalism. After college I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to work for a boutique public relations agency where I primarily worked to support our motorsports technology client in what is now the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. From the world of NASCAR, I moved to New York where I spent some time providing PR support to a variety of consumer brands. After some time, I decided to transition into a field that I felt would be more fulfilling and where I could make a difference in the lives of others. So I went back to school and received my nutrition degree from LaSalle University and completed my dietetic internship with Sodexo. My clinical experience includes the Crozer-Keystone Health System, Lower Bucks Hospital and – most recently – Hahnemann University Hospital where I covered our inpatient oncology and radiation oncology units for 3.5 years.

How did you become involved with Unite for HER?

Shortly after completing my dietetic internship in 2013, I started working with Unite for HER’s Nutrition Advisor, Katie Cavuto. It was during that time that she introduced me to Unite for HER and offered me the opportunity to help her as she worked with our women. Slowly my work expanded to making nutrition phone calls, then assisting with the Resource Area at our Wellness Days, and now giving the lunchtime nutrition talk and participating in nutrition vouchers.

What is your role in a Wellness Day and the Wellness Day Program?

My job at each Wellness Day is to motive our women to see food as their medicine. With each lunchtime talk, I try to have fun – sometimes too much fun – in an effort to generate excitement about healthy eating. I remind our women that small, simple upgrades can bring about significant, positive change. And I say that my “intention” is to work with each of our women individually and help them at wherever they are in their lives.

I am also afforded the opportunity to participate in our nutrition vouchers by grocery shopping and home cooking with those who choose to pursue the nutrition modality in their passport. This is such a wonderful, hands-on experience and a way to truly get to know of our women and their families as we have fun cooking up a storm!

What Inspires Your Work With Unite for HER?

Our women. Each and every person I have been afforded the opportunity to meet, speak with, shop and cook with have been nothing short of amazing. Their consistent positive energy combined with my love of nutrition drives me to do whatever I can to help others live their healthiest life possible.

Words to Live By:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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