Each day you hear us share how full of joy our hearts are at Unite for HER, serving and loving our community in need, but today I am writing to you with a heavy heart, one that is broken and heavy over the senseless loss of another innocent, beautiful black life in America.

I write this from a place of humility, empathy and love, for I, a white middle-aged woman, cannot pretend to understand the bias and prejudice that those of color live with each and every day. What I do recognize is that we cannot lift each other up unless we stand right in the middle of this movement and walk together as a catalyst for fairness and equality.

Thank you to all who walked in peaceful protest, alongside those they did not even know, in unity for justice. That is love.

We at Unite for HER will use our voice to:

Unite for Justice
Unite for Equality
Unite for Peace
Unite for LOVE

Sincerely with love,

Sue Weldon and the Board and Staff of Unite for HER