November brings chilly weather, daylight savings, and the kickoff to the holiday season. If you are feeling like these changes are causing your body and mind stress- you are not alone! Here are a few ways manage these changes and maintain a healthy quality of sleep.

The time change that comes with Daylight Savings can interrupt your sleep schedule and affect your internal clock. If you find yourself struggling with this adjustment or simply want to improve your quality of sleep, try upgrading your nightly routine as your body prepares for rest:

1. Limit technology before bed. Try to refrain from screens for an hour leading up to sleep. The blue light emitting from your screen, as well as the content you scroll through, can cause you to feel more awake and alert, making it harder for you to relax and slip into a natural state of rest. Consider this last hour before bed a time to wind down in a quiet and peaceful environment.

2. Adopt a nighttime ritual. As you wind down and relax, incorporate a quiet activity or habit each night to signal your body to get ready for sleep. This could include drinking a cozy cup of herbal tea, reflecting on the day through journaling, reading a chapter of a book, or doing a form of self-care, like applying a soothing face mask or taking a bath.

3. Let Nutrition Guide You. For anyone who has ever had a nightmare after a late-night snack, we know food impacts our sleep in a variety of ways! Oftentimes, it is better to avoid certain foods to support restful sleep. Ingredients like caffeine and alcohol can cause a more restless sleep and should be avoided when trying to support healthy sleep habits. Instead, try incorporating complex carbs such as quinoa and beans into your fall dinners to boost your serotonin and promote sleep. You can also note not only what you are eating, but when you eat. Seek lighter meals at night, no later than about 7:00 p.m., to give your body plenty of time to digest before bed.

(Source: Jolene Hart, UFH Beauty Advisor, and author of Ignite Your Light, one of our favorite relaxing reads)

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