Each year, the Pink Invitational provides critical funding for the Unite for HER Wellness Program. Every dollar raised by our Pink Invitational teams directly impacts breast and ovarian patients around the nation, giving them access to life-changing therapies like nutrition and meal services, counseling, fitness, meditation and more.  

You can bring the Integrative Wellness Program to a hospital in your city by becoming a top fundraiser. If your team collectively raises $25,000, you can establish UFH programming for local women in your hometown! 

Our Above and Beyond teams have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars with creative events, fundraisers, and by using social media as a tool. Here are some ways you can get started towards your fundraising goal: 


Start with your Personalized Fundraising Page

Create your fundraising page here

Select your gym’s name from the drop-down box to link your page with your gym. 

If your gym does not appear in the drop-down, talk to your coach about creating a page or contact us! 

Customize It!

Add a personal touch with a profile photo and bio. Share why you are excited to attend the Pink Invitational – where are you traveling from? Are you fundraising for someone special? What do you love about Pink? 

Share Away!

Now that you have your own fundraising page, copy and paste the link so others can view it and donate. Send this link through email, text, or social media to your family, neighbors and friends so they can help support your goal. Watch your donations climb on the thermometer! 

Fundraise on Facebook

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Step 1: Log in to Facebook.

Step 2: Click “Fundraisers” on the left side, or click here to access the fundraising page.

Step 3: Select “Unite for HER” as your nonprofit.

Step 4: On the left side, customize your fundraiser with a goal amount, end date, a bio about why you are fundraising, and a cover photo. Fill in the information and click “Create.” 

In your fundraiser you can invite friends to view the page, add photos or posts about how you’re competing at the Pink Invitational, and watch your donations climb! Be sure to “like” and comment thank you on all of your donations. 

Add a Donate Button to your Facebook Post

Step 1: Go to your Facebook profile and start to make a post.

Step 2: Along the bottom of your post, click to view more add-ons.

Step 3: Select “Raise Money.”

Step 4: Select “Unite for HER” as your charity.

Step 5: Write your post! “My team is raising money for the Pink Invitational, benefiting breast and ovarian cancer patients. 100% proceeds fund life-changing integrative therapies like nutrition and meal services, counseling, fitness, and more. Will you help me reach my goal?” 

Fundraise on Instagram

Add a Donate Button to your Story

Step 1: Start a story post as usual.

Step 2: When you select effects, be sure to choose “Donation Button.”

Step 3: Select “Unite for HER” as you nonprofit and customize your button.

Step 4: Post your story! With a click, your followers can donate right through your IG story! Make it fun and interactive with photos, videos, polls, a countdown, and other fun effects.  

Need some inspo? Screenshot these and post on your story – just add your donate button! 

Add your Custom Fundraising Page Link to your Instagram Bio

Leading up to Pink, friends can simply find your page with your link in bio. This also makes it easy to check your progress at any time.

Create an Instagram Fundraiser Post

Step 1: Start a post on your feed.

Step 2: Select your photo and edit as usual. When it’s time to write your caption, select “Add a Fundraiser.” 

Step 3: Select “Unite for HER” as your nonprofit.  

Step 4: Edit your fundraiser details with your goal amount. 

  • Optional: “Invite Collaborators” to your fundraiser such as teammates, friends or family so they can help you raise money. 

Fundraise with TikTok

Include your Fundraising Page Link in your TikTok Bio. 

You can also include the link in the caption of a TikTok. Use #pinkinvitational hashtags and get creative with your videos! Tag us at @uniteforher @pinkinvitational 

Fundraise with Venmo

  • Add your Venmo username to your posts, texts and emails for a convenient and quick way for others to send you donations.  
  • Ask friends and family if you can request them for $1 on Venmo to help reach your goal. Make a social media post about it, asking people to “like” the post if you can Venmo request them. In your request, be sure to send a message of gratitude and remind your friends that their dollar is supporting breast and ovarian cancer patients across the country! 

What to Share – The Pink Invitational and Unite for HER

Share these videos and links in your posts to show friends the impact you are making! 

Questions? Visit our Fundraising FAQ or contact us at pinkteamchallenge@uniteforher.org.  

We are here to help!