Setting a resolution, goal or intention for the new year can be challenging. In fact, many people lose track of their resolution in January. February is here, and it is never too late to incorporate a new healthy goal or mindset into your routine! This month, we are talking about healthy rituals you can stick with to lift your mind, body and spirit. Our providers are sharing some of their favorite tips and rituals for the new year. 

Meet Rana Walker 

Rana Walker is not only a yoga provider for Unite for HER, but also a licensed spiritual practitioner, life coach, mental health therapist and mindfulness teacher. She carries a lot of knowledge and experience in her toolkit and is excited to share it with the Unite for HER community. 

As a breast cancer survivor herself of 14 years, Rana is passionate about helping others through the experience with her yoga expertise. 

Write it Out

Rana recommends going into this year by writing down one new ritual you can commit to, whether it be for your mind, body or spirit. For example, you may write, “I commit to walking.” 

Take Action! 

Your next action step may be to buy a new pair of sneakers. You can then hold yourself accountable by setting an alarm or taking time out of your calendar for a walk three times per week. Find a way to remind yourself to engage in this self-care! 

“Please join me for a mind, body and spirit experience!” 

-Rana Walker, Unite for HER Yoga Provider 

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