Today’s most natural sunscreens contain the active ingredients Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide or a combination of both. They usually come in an opaque lotion and use heavy carrier oils to resist being washed off. While they may not be the most convenient or the most glamorous – they’re usually the safest. Keep in mind, there’s no sun protection on earth that compares to the shade of a palm tree, a sassy, wide-brimmed sun hat, big UV sunglasses or tightly-woven clothing. Many safe sunscreen options can be found at retailers like Whole Foods, Walgreens, and Amazon.

What to Look For When Shopping:

  • Broad Spectrum protection
  • Uncoated, non-nano mineral-based active ingredients
  • Natural, plant-based inactive ingredients
  • Reef-safe

Jolene Hart’s Top Picks:

Is your sunscreen safe? Research your favorite brands in the 2022 “Safer Sunscreen Guide” by The Environmental Working Group. This comprehensive guide rates sunscreen products on the market and is  a trusted resource for healthy beauty products.

Written by Danielle Messina with contributions by Jolene Hart.