You’ve been waiting, and the time is ALMOST here to join in on the fun for Plantuary 2023. If you’re wondering, “…what is Plantuary?” be sure to check out our Plantuary page for more details. To briefly put it – we want to help you eat more plants! Plantuary 2023 will include engaging challenges, live events, fresh new recipes, and more! We’re here to show you that plant foods go beyond just fruits and vegetables. There’s a whole world of nutrient-rich plant foods out there just waiting to be tapped into! Now, you may be wondering… 

“Is Plantuary right for me?” 

Plantuary is for everyone. Whether you’re a veggie lover, or the opposite, we’re here to show you new and fun plant-foods, recipes, and cooking techniques to expand your culinary repertoire. We want to show you that eating nutritious plants is accessible to all, and so is cooking delicious food! 

“How do I take the Plantuary Pledge?” 

Simply take the Pledge however feels most authentic for you. Write it down in your journal, post a sign on your fridge, or make it part of your morning mantra. We want to know who’s with us, too! Show us how you plan to take the Plantuary Pledge by posting on social media and tagging Unite for HER or reaching out to the Culinary Nutrition Team. 

“How do I get started?” 

Start small, one step at a time! Plantuary may just be in January, but the goal is to instill these goals moving forward. Find things that motivate you and use those as your inspiration moving forward. Be sure to add our live events to your calendar and check back on the Plantuary page weekly to see what new things we have in store! 

“What will Plantuary 2023 look like?” 

So glad you asked! Below is your first look at some of the wonderful and exciting things we have planned for Plantuary this year… 

Week 1: Fruits & Veggies

RecipesSpecial Events/Content
Simple Veggie Frittata
Fresh Mango Salsa
Super Veggie Soup
Live cooking demo with RD Aubrey
featuring our produce partner, Lancaster Farm Fresh! 
(1/11/23 at 6 p.m. EST)

Week 2: Beans & Lentils

RecipesVirtual Events/Special Content
Lentil Burgers with Lemon Garlic Tahini Sauce
Chocolate Hummus
Easy-Peasy Bean & Veggie Dish
Virtual hangout with RDs, Erin & Aubrey,
to chat about affordable eating! 

Week 3: Nuts & Seeds

RecipesVirtual Events/Special Content
DIY Nut Milk
Toasted Coconut Granola
5 Seed No-Knead Bread
Ask the Experts featuring an integrative oncologist
on the benefits of plant foods in the diet! 

Week 4: Whole Grains

RecipesVirtual Events/Special Content
Breakfast Wheat Berries
Balsamic Roasted Winter Squash with Wild Rice
Lemon Buckwheat with Asparagus and Spinach
Grocery store tour & shopping tips
with RD Michele! 

Feeling excited now? GREAT! We’re looking forward to seeing you for week 1 of Plantuary 2023! 

By: Aubrey Redd, MS, RDN, LDN 

To learn more about Plantuary, visit uniteforher.org/plantuary