The holidays and the New Year bring on a season of change for many of us, focusing on how we can improve our lives in the coming 12 months. Sometimes, that comes in the form of setting New Year’s resolutions. Whether you vow to “start exercising every day” or “cut out fast food from your diet,” these resolutions all come with good intentions. Unfortunately, often, our resolutions fall flat within the first couple of days of the new year. Why? Simply said, we are not made to do a complete 180! 

A healthy lifestyle overall comes with a variety of small, sustainable changes. When we focus on making those small and impactful changes, we challenge ourselves to improve a little bit at a time. Then, when we complete each task, we feel more motivated to move on to the next one! Have you ever told yourself that you would “start fresh” on Monday morning, only to find yourself giving up your goals by Tuesday afternoon? Radically uprooting your diet, exercise, sleep, or any other aspect of your wellness oftentimes will not yield the results you’re looking for. 

Here at Unite for HER, we want you to achieve better wellness with one simple task – to eat more plants! Plantuary was born in 2022 by culinary RD’s Erin & Michele, hoping to encourage all participants to consume more plant foods. How, you ask? By providing encouragement, helpful tips, recipes, and an insight into how to use various plant foods in everyday cooking. This year, Plantuary 2023 is going to be even bigger and better

With weekly plant-powered themes, we want to encourage all of you to take the Plantuary Pledge. Pledge to join us in trying to incorporate new, nutrient-dense plant foods each week throughout the month of January. Whether you wind up adding in fruit as a snack or switching around your evening routine to regularly incorporate a variety of plant foods, we would love to join you on your journey.  

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information on what’s to come during Plantuary 2023. We’ve got a host of new recipes, videos, events, and blogs for you to check out. Visit our Plantuary page to learn more, and we are so looking forward to helping you on your journey to eat more plants! 

To learn more about Plantuary, visit uniteforher.org/plantuary