There is no slowing down of the non-dairy milk industry. New brands are popping up all the time, each boasting why they’re the best – their simple ingredients, great flavor and versatility. But do you know what’s really the best? The kind you make at home. Because with 2 simple ingredients and 1 kitchen appliance, you can create your own non-dairy milk to use in your favorite meals and recipes! This recipe is my favorite because it yields the creamy texture I love in a milk – leave it to Martha! So, take 5 minutes (because that’s literally all the active time you need) and give it a try yourself!



  • Large bowl
  • Blender
  • Fine mesh sieve
  • Cheesecloth
  • Glass containers



  • 1 C any raw nut – almonds, cashews, pistachios, hazelnuts, etc.
  • 4 C water, divided



  1. Place 1 C nuts with 1 C boiling water (always use equal amount) in a blender. Blend for 20-30 seconds. Be careful of steam from hot liquid. Let stand 30 minutes.
  2. Add 3 cups room-temperature or cold water. Blend again until frothy.
  3. Strain mixture through a fine sieve lined with cheesecloth into a bowl, pressing down on solids with a flexible spatula. Discard solids.
  4. Chill (up to 5 days) and shake before serving. Try nut milk in smoothies, over cereal, in coffee, or just by itself.

Recipe adapted from of Martha Stewart.



  • Reduce food waste by adding the pulp/solids to a homemade cracker recipe, dry and blend into a nut flour or to your favorite smoothie or oatmeal.
  • To add natural sweetness, add 1 pitted date at step 1 for initial blend.



Airtight container for up to 5 days. If separated, gently shake to mix again.

By: Erin Pellegrin, RD, LDN