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Build a Healthy Beauty Routine

Beauty Advisor Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP, teaches you how to detox your personal care products and build a lifestyle that supports your best self during treatment and beyond.  HER Beauty is sponsored by ACURE.

At Unite for HER, we help people take a closer look at the products they are using, and provide resources for switching to safer alternatives.

Our aim:
To be a source of trustworthy information.
To empower and educate patients about safe personal care product options and their personal care product choices.
To share some the potential risks of commonly-used beauty ingredients, as well as the shortcomings and lack of long-term testing of many ingredients in the US beauty industry.
To offer clean beauty guidance that is accessible and actionable.

We acknowledge: Our viewpoint reflects a constantly evolving body of knowledge and research and may also evolve and change as our understanding of clean beauty and safe cosmetics develops. Until we have research on every ingredient and its long-term safety, we aim to err on the side of caution and avoid unnecessary risks in our personal care product routines. Creating a safe beauty routine is a continuing process of education and research on our part, as well as the part of patients.

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HER Beauty Product Guide helps you to decode product labels, gradually build a clean beauty routine, and detoxify your bath, beauty, and household projects.

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