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Have you ever stopped to consider what exactly is in your beauty products? The truth is that most everyday products contain harsh or harmful chemicals that can have an adverse effect on your body and overall health. At Unite for HER, we help people take a closer look at the products they are using, and provide resources for switching to safer alternatives. 


This “Beauty is Wellness – Product Guide” is found in your box, but feel free to download and share this digital copy for your friend or loved one. This guide will help you understand what TO and what NOT to look for in your makeup bag, household products, and more!

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 Beauty & Skincare Products

In the last decade or so, skin cancer education has led us to understand the harmful effects of unprotected sun exposure on our skin, but how about your shampoo, deodorant or cosmetics? Our skin is our largest organ, and can absorb up to 60% of the synthetic chemicals it comes in contact with. By using all-natural and organic products containing vitamins and ingredients to promote health, we can strengthen our bodies from the inside out.

So how do you make the transition to all-natural and organic personal care products? While the decision may seem expensive and daunting, there are many resources available to help you further understand what products are safe and recommended:

  • Unite for HER Resources – Head over to the Resources section to find websites recommended by our beauty advisors, Danielle and Jolene, for your organic beauty and skincare needs.
  • Skin Deep – Designed to help people find safer products with fewer ingredients that are hazardous or that haven’t been thoroughly tested. Skin Deep combines product ingredient lists with information in more than 50 standard toxicity and regulatory databases. See how your favorite skincare brands are rated!
  • Eat Pretty – A seasonal guide to looking and feeling your best all year, from the inside out. Discover a new approach to beauty, one that pampers you and makes you glow with the freshest, most beautifying foods in nature that help you look and feel gorgeous.

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Unite for HER Clean Beauty Philosophy

At Unite for HER, we help people take a closer look at the products they are using, and provide resources for switching to safer alternatives. Our aim:

  • To be a source of trustworthy information.
  • To empower and educate patients about safe personal care product options and their personal care product choices.
  • To share some the potential risks of commonly-used beauty ingredients, as well as the shortcomings and lack of long-term testing of many ingredients in the US beauty industry.
  • To offer clean beauty guidance that is accessible and actionable.

We acknowledge: Our viewpoint reflects a constantly evolving body of knowledge and research and may also evolve and change as our understanding of clean beauty and safe cosmetics develops. Until we have research on every ingredient and its long-term safety, we aim to err on the side of caution and avoid unnecessary risks in our personal care product routines. Creating a safe beauty routine is a continuing process of education and research on our part, as well as the part of patients.

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Unite for HER has given me a completely new chapter to the rest of my life. I am trying things I would never have done before. At the age of 70, I participated in my very first ever 5k walk and came back again the last two years!