Is Soy Bad?

Soy has been commonly consumed for centuries. However, in recent years the phytoestrogen-containing plant has become a controversial topic in the cancer community.

In this post we explore the facts and myths of soy to help you decide if you would like to include soy in your diet.

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Grain Bowls

My 2020 Intention? Grain Bowls.

I’m not usually one for New Year resolutions. Some people love them, some people do not love them (there’s no right or wrong in my opinion). However, I do see the New Year as a time for me to press the “refresh” button. No specific expectations or goals, but a time to set intentions and try again.

So I’ve been asking myself,

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Happy New Year

Here we are, another year, feeling extremely blessed and thankful. With so much to be grateful for at Unite for HER, it is that feeling (stay with me here friends and you will see where I am going with this) that stands out above all else, the common thread throughout our mission-driven work. It is how we make the thousands of women and men we serve feel each and every day…

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Winter Beauty Wisdom

Winter is the season of rest and rejuvenation for mind, body, and beauty. This winter, appreciate the season of slowing down and look for these foods that will support the rejuvenation of your beauty and health using Jolene Hart’s acronym: CRAFTS.

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How to Enjoy Every Bite at Thanksgiving Dinner

As we head full force into the holidays, I can’t help but think of the advice coming at us about how to REALLY enjoy the holidays without all the guilt and added stress.  We are bombarded by things like, “How to not gain weight over the holidays”, “Make time every day to work out”, “Eat a salad or have soup before going to a holiday party so as to not over -eat”

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to enjoy cranberries but you don’t have to stop at just one day!  Cranberries are antioxidant powerhouses. These ruby jewels are chock full of Vitamin C and phytonutrients that protect your body from free radicals and strengthen your immune system. Cranberries have a number of health benefits. They have been shown to prevent tract infections, protect against cardiovascular disease, fight inflammation, and have some cancer-fighting properties.

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Easy Veggie & Bean Dish

Good nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. 

The best recipes are ones that you can make in big batches and then add different ingredients to change it up throughout the week.  A great example is this recipe for a “Basic Veggie and White Bean Dish”. It’s so versatile and super simple to make.


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Calcium 101

Think calcium only comes from diary? Think again! Calcium comes from several plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Foods can be fortified with calcium too. Our bodies need calcium to maintain bone health and to keep our heart, muscles, and nerves functioning properly.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Service

If you pour enough love and support into something, it is bound to soar.

Oh, how I love this quote for it sums up so beautifully our Unite for HER! Over the years, all who have moved our mission forward have done so on pure, authentic love and support. Today, September 29, 2019, Unite for HER celebrates 10 years of service.

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