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If you or someone you know have been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer in the last 18 months, please contact us to join the Unite for HER Wellness Program.

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Welcome to HER community

We are thrilled to share that thanks to a new national expansion, Unite for HER (UFH) is now able fund and deliver our full Integrative Wellness Program directly to you!

As a member of our Wellness Program, you will be eligible to receive $2,000 of integrative therapies directly from the safety and comfort of your home.

You will also be able to craft a personal care plan that meets your needs without financial concern, choosing from therapies like personal yoga instruction and meditation, Reiki, virtual grocery shopping and nutritional counseling, meal deliveries, and more.

Meet Sue Weldon
Unite for HER Founder and CEO

I founded the nonprofit Unite for HER after my own diagnosis with breast cancer in 2004. I was 39 when I was diagnosed, busy working and raising three small children. As I struggled to get through a double mastectomy and chemotherapy, I discovered research-based therapies like whole food nutrition, medical acupuncture, oncology massage, yoga and meditation and more. These therapies helped me get through my treatment, and allowed me to heal more completely. Choosing the right foods eased my nausea and rebuilt my strength, allowing me to gain pounds I needed. Meditation was the best pain relief I found, and movement was essential to both my mental and physical recovery. With this care box we are able to introduce you to our mission and programming, educating and empowering you, one healing therapy and resource at a time. Please do not hesitate to reach out and tell us how you used your care box. We at Unite for HER are just an email or call away!

Yours in Continued Wellness,




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