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8 Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brands

If you’re in the market for a non-toxic nail polish…water-based nail polishes are where it’s at! At least as far as ingredients go. They’re the safest ones available + are cleaner than the popular 3-free, 4-free, 5-free or 6-free ones. The truth of the matter is though,

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Green Beauty: 3 Non-Toxic Dry Shampoos to Try


Sometimes, ain’t nobody got time for that! We’re talking washin’, dryin’ + stylin’ yo hair when…you’ve over-slept, you’re dashing out the door fashionably late, or water isn’t readily available (huh-hum, glamping).

This beauty-wonder has been around for centuries, but recently reappeared on the scene since so many beauty experts began

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Green Beauty Travel Bag Essentials

Three travel sized toiletry items on a red toiletries bag

I often get questions about what necessities I take with me when I get out of town for a few days. So, I figured I’d give you a little sneak-peek into my beauty bag. I usually save up a lot of my sample sizes from monthly beauty boxes, etc. to take with me,

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4 Safer Hand Sanitizers


Washing our hands with a soap that doesn’t contain any nasties is a must for avoiding colds. But when we don’t have access to water, these 100% USDA Organic Hand Sanitizers are the next best bet! Here are some safer options,

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DIY BEAUTY: Matcha Mask


Matcha is known for it’s antioxidant super-powers! It helps soothe, smooth + detoxify skin, while Kaolin clay is best known for it’s cleansing, thickening + oil absorbing properties. And, Manuka Honey is just the best mask

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6 Safer Sunscreens


Healthy Upgrade: Sunscreens

Truly clean sunscreens that work well + feel good on your skin can be hard to come by! For more info about what to look for, what to avoid, + how mineral sunscreens work, check out

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