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How to Run a Virtual 5K

Run a virtual race to support Unite for HER this September in seven simple steps!

1.  Register online.

Select ‘Virtual Runner‘ on the Race Registration Page.

 2. Create an online fundraising page.

Share your link on social media and email the link to friends, family, and colleagues to raise funds to support our women.  Need easy fundraising tips?

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How to Fundraise Online in 5 Easy Steps (Tutorial)

All proceeds from this event will go directly towards the funding and delivery of complementary therapies to women with breast cancer, as well as preventative educational initiatives.  You can make an individual donation to support local women, or create a personal fundraising page in these easy steps:

1. Open the Unite for HER 5K Fundraising Webpage

2. Create a personal fundraising page by clicking “Create a Fundraising Page.”


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Inspiration For Your Resolutions

Young Asian businesswoman got headache

Already struggling to stick with your New Year’s Resolution? Don’t worry, it is more common than you think. Take a deep breath and consider revamping your goals. For starters keep your New Year’s resolutions small, achievable and positive! Opt to add something beneficial into your routine instead of depriving yourself and then…

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Benefits and Uses of Shiitake Mushrooms


Shiitake mushrooms are a type of fungus, a plant that has no roots, leaves, flowers or seeds. They have been used medicinally for thousands of years in China. Human studies showing the benefits of shiitake mushrooms when consumed as part of a balanced diet are limited but have shown promise.

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14 Daily Mindfulness Practices for 2014

Upon waking, sit at the edge of the bed and take 5 – 10 deep breaths.

Set an intention for your day.

Prepare and sit down to enjoy a healthful breakfast.

Practice Yoga! Even 10 minutes is better than nothing!

Sit for 5 minutes in meditation at least once per day.

Smile at yourself in the mirror at least once per day.

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DIY Mason Jar Straw Lids

I don’t know about you, but I use Mason Jars for everything under the sun, including my Green Beauty Juices + Smoothies, Fruit Water, Iced Tea, Coffee, etc. Sometimes I just want to grab them + go – but then I either have to bring a straw on the side, or fold it inside the jar, which can get messy! So, instead of buying over-priced, fancy-schmancy lids, why not make your own!

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Swim Diapers!

Like most families, we love water – in all forms. Lakes, pools, creeks, oceans…you name it, we’ve probably swam in it. and Being a member of a large family I’ve seen all manners of swimming costumes for kids :: bathing suits with mesh, bathing suits with padding, disposable swim diapers, full out naked babies, just a pair of underpants, etc. So, when faced with the choice of what to cover my babies butt with I had an array of options to consider.

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Keeping the Mosquitos Bites Away

Maybe my kids are just unusually sweet (ha!), but if there is a mosquito within a mile of where they are playing it will inevitably find them. And while mosquito bites are not enjoyable for anybody – children tend to have an especially tough time because they just don’t know When. To. Stop. Scratching! From the moment I put them into their bed at night until they wake up the next morning…those small little itty bitty bites turn into red,

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Sidewalk Paint! Non-Toxic and Homemade

Now that the weather is warmer and we’re outside more doing outside things my boys love to play with sidewalk chalk. And by “play” I mean “eat”…the little ones will put just about anything into their mouths and that includes: crayons, colored pencils, markers of all kinds, and last but not least, sidewalk chalk. So whether I’m gardening, mowing the grass, or sunning myself with a nice book (ha!), I like to know that the boys are playing,

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Keeping the Kids Germ-Free on the Playground

Spring hasn’t quite sprung but it is coming and I’m more than anxious for warmer weather! We love a variety of outdoor activities, going to the zoo, visiting LinVilla Orchards and other farms/farmer’s markets, but a true favorite of the boys is simply, the playground. Who doesn’t love going to the playground – it’s got everything! Slides, sandboxes, swings, steps, seesaws, other playmates for the boys, other moms for me,

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