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Quick Tips to Fuel for your Best Virtual Race

I have to say, with all the ups and down of 2020, among all the change one thing I’m enjoying are the virtual races! I love having the option to enjoy my favorite races when I want. Do you take your walks in the morning – race in the morning! Prefer an evening gallivant – you got it! So now that you can make your start time when you want, don’t forget about the food and beverages that will also contribute to the success of your miles!

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The Truth About Juice

I have a glass of juice every morning with my breakfast.
That’s healthy, right?
It’s 100% juice!

I hear this quite a bit and understandably so – manufacturers make you think your favorite glass of juice is just as good as eating the actual fruit. True? Nope. In fact, recent study findings published in the journal, The BJM, found an association between consuming sugary beverages – which included 100% fruit juice – and incidence of both overall cancer and breast cancer.

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Does “Organic” Matter?

There has been some exciting and interesting nutrition news in the last few months, particularly surrounding organic foods. We’ve talked with so many of our women to help them make the best decision for themselves and their families, so we thought we would share with our entire community!

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