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A Note From Founder and CEO Sue Weldon

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your continued trust and support of Unite for HER. As we head into a new year, we are grateful for the strong foundation that you have built; your dedication has enabled us to rise up during the health crisis and support those newly diagnosed without hesitation. With you by our side, we remained steady and acted swiftly to innovate and serve, delivering the gift of joy, hope, resources,

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Unite for LOVE

Each day you hear us share how full of joy our hearts are at Unite for HER, serving and loving our community in need, but today I am writing to you with a heavy heart, one that is broken and heavy over the senseless loss of another innocent, beautiful black life in America.

I write this from a place of humility, empathy and love, for I, a white middle-aged woman, cannot pretend to understand the bias and prejudice that those of color live with each and every day.

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May 4, 2020 – A Note from Founder and CEO Sue Weldon

When asked about my anniversary date, I find myself so unbelievably grateful for the time I have received along with the ability to reflect on all that came from my cancer diagnosis. Looking back at what cancer presented in my life, I certainly feel immense gratitude to God for another healthy and happy year with my beautiful family, marking the many milestones of our now grown children as they go out into the world experiencing all life has in store for them.

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Happy New Year

Here we are, another year, feeling extremely blessed and thankful. With so much to be grateful for at Unite for HER, it is that feeling (stay with me here friends and you will see where I am going with this) that stands out above all else, the common thread throughout our mission-driven work. It is how we make the thousands of women and men we serve feel each and every day…

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Celebrating 10 Years of Service

If you pour enough love and support into something, it is bound to soar.

Oh, how I love this quote for it sums up so beautifully our Unite for HER! Over the years, all who have moved our mission forward have done so on pure, authentic love and support. Today, September 29, 2019, Unite for HER celebrates 10 years of service.

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Dear September

I felt this would an appropriate title for my first blog, for this September will be held dear to our hearts at Unite for HER (UFH). As we announced earlier this summer, we are preparing for a year of great change; the UFH Wellness Program has expanded to support women affected by ovarian cancer. In addition, we will be hosting our first Wellness Day in Delaware, while continuing to build more partnerships in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

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Unite for HER Expands Programming to Support Ovarian Cancer Patients

Women to receive free access to complementary therapies through Wellness Program

West Chester, PA – August 1, 2019 – Unite for HER has expanded its Wellness Program to serve ovarian cancer patients in the Philadelphia region, beginning at local Wellness Days this September.

“We are honored to serve these women during a great time of need,” said Sue Weldon, Unite for HER founder and CEO.

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