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Popsicles for Every Palate

As the season heats up, we all start craving those summertime sweet treats that cool us down. While a heaping scoop of ice-cream may be your go-to on hot summer days, dairy and sugar aren’t necessarily the most nourishing noshes. The good news? There are some really nourishing pop recipes that will leave you satisfied and feeling great. In fact, these popsicles are made with real fruit and simple whole-food ingredients, so not only will they cool you down,

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Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are in-season locally mid-May through August. Fresh, local berries are succulent, sweet, beautiful in color, and bursting with nutrients.

From a health standpoint, berries contain a variety of phytochemicals, namely anthocyanin and quercetin. They also have very high antioxidant content relative to other fruits and vegetables. The phytochemical and antioxidants in berries play a significant role in preventing cancer growth and reducing inflammation. In addition to berries anti-cancer properties,

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Heirloom, Cherry, Grape and Roma, I cannot get my fill of tomatoes this time of year. Rich in fiber and lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, this sweet summer treat can usually stand alone when they are in season. My nightly routine usually includes a simple tomato salad with olive oil, salt, pepper and basil or oregano, though I am always up for a more adventurous recipe. Here are a few of my favorites to inspire you.

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Summer Drinks

Summer is near and that means more time spent outdoors with family and friends, enjoying backyard BBQ’s, beach days, camping and low-key picnics. It also means more sun exposure and hotter humid temps, which tend to leave us dehydrated and feeling sluggish. Grabbing that nearby cola or sweet tea is probably pretty tempting, but these types of beverages are loaded with extra sugars, preservatives and other unnecessary additives that are less than nourishing for our body.

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How To Store Greens (with Recipes!)

Spring is here and that means local salad greens are becoming more available at your local farmers markets and in CSA shares. While fresh salad greens are a tasty, versatile source of vitamins and minerals, many people pass them up due to their seemingly short shelf life. Here are a few simple ways that you can store your greens to avoid having them wither away before they’re enjoyed.

  • Sealable Bag with Towel

The most common method for storing greens,

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Spiralizing 101

Move over zoodles, the vegetable spiralizing craze has expanded include many exciting vegetables and this cheat sheet with break it down for you. Learn what veggies you can make into noodles plus the best ways to cook and use them.

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Sweet Potato Toasts

Sweet and satisfying, sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, copper, vitamins B6, B1 and B2, potassium and fiber. Needless to say, they’re a powerhouse of nutrients! Sweet Potato Toast is a new, trendy dish that you can love because it’s simple, comforting and super nourishing. Plus, you can tap into your creative side

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3 Ways to Refresh Your Breakfast Routine

Come May, I can’t stand to look at another bowl of oatmeal. Eager for berries and the summer harvest, I feel ready to revamp my breakfast routine. That being said, my breakfast has to feel simple or I’ll never stick with it. Here are three of my

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Pasta: Is It Bad for You?

If you’ve heard me speak, you know that I despise the idea of good and bad foods. Instead, I encourage you to set positive intentions around food. “I Eat To Nourish My Body” is an empowering intention to sink your teeth into. While the most nourishing foods tend to be whole foods, there should always be room

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Cooking with Peas!

Everyday vegetables like peas can often be underappreciated for their health benefits. A good source of protein, fiber and energizing carbohydrates, peas are also a good source of

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