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The Person Next to You:


This poem by Prissy Galagarian invites us to see the wonder in humanity and embrace the differences that make us special and unique. A perfect reflection for this time of year and this moment in history.

“The person next to you is the greatest miracle
and the greatest mystery you will ever

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25 mini-goals for 2015


We often choose lofty New Year’s resolutions that are honestly, really hard to achieve so don’t feel defeated if you have already slipped up, it’s really common! Instead of overwhelming yourself with the idea that you have to accomplish some huge health feat why not regroup and pick several small goals that you spread out over the course of the year. You can choose a new goal each week or maybe focus on one every month.

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What’s The Deal With Sprouting?

Young plant growing in sunshine

Sprouts are making a serious comeback and for good reason! You’ve likely heard of bean sprouts, but did you know that many foods can be sprouted, including grains, nuts, beans, and seeds? In fact, many commercial food companies are selling sprouted foods due to their superior nutrition profile. Is this trend worth the hype?

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Results from a recent 30-year Harvard study showed that nut eaters were less likely to die of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease. Here at UFH we are constantly praising the benefits of nuts and seeds, and cashews are no exception. Here are six simple yet unique ways to include cashews any day.

1.  Cashew Milk:  Soak one cup of  raw cashews in water overnight (or for at least 8 hours).

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Keeping the Mosquitos Bites Away

Maybe my kids are just unusually sweet (ha!), but if there is a mosquito within a mile of where they are playing it will inevitably find them. And while mosquito bites are not enjoyable for anybody – children tend to have an especially tough time because they just don’t know When. To. Stop. Scratching! From the moment I put them into their bed at night until they wake up the next morning…those small little itty bitty bites turn into red,

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Back to the Roots ~ Sustainably Delicious

There is always an abundance of green growth and experiments on my kitchen windowsill at any given time. As I wait impatiently to take my foliage outside our windowsill staples are basil or other cooking herbs (chocolate mint at the moment! yum), scallions that have been regenerated from their stems, some baby bok choy in a dish of water, and there is always a revolving cycle of ripening fruits. It always makes me happy during these grey winter months to watch everything bloom and grow but even happier still when we came across Back To The Roots Mushroom Growing Kit.

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Meet Cassandra

Cassandra Ringer is currently a junior majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics at West Chester University.  Years of competitive gymnastics experience sparked her interest in nutrition and overall healthy living for young adults.  She is a student member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association, and West Chester University’s Student Dietetic Association.  Cassandra is also a member of the West Chester University women’s gymnastics team. She is our newest blog contributor and will be providing tips and information to help young adults live and eat healthier.  

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Homemade Children’s Toothpaste – Does Not Contain Pancake Syrup

As our two boys grow older I’ve been getting more and more strict about their daily teeth brushing routine. Cullen only has a few and he gladly lets me rub his gums with a rubber finger toothbrush to massage those sore gums and clean his little tooth nubs ~ giggling and laughing as we go. With Declan’s teeth it’s a little more labor intensive. He likes to clamp down on the toothbrush and quickly suck all of the toothpaste off before I get a chance to do any real brushing.

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New Grant for Women with Breast Cancer


We are pleased to introduce our new Path to Healing grant for women with breast cancer. If you live in the Philadelphia area and have been diagnosed within the last 18 months, you may be eligible to apply. Women who would like financial assistance to cover the cost of complementary therapy treatments (such as acupuncture, massage, yoga and nutrition) to alleviate symptoms and side effects, please visit our grant web page where you will find the Path to Healing Grant criteria and application.

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