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Inspiration For Your Resolutions

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Already struggling to stick with your New Year’s Resolution? Don’t worry, it is more common than you think. Take a deep breath and consider revamping your goals. For starters keep your New Year’s resolutions small, achievable and positive! Opt to add something beneficial into your routine instead of depriving yourself and then…

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Cultivating Awareness of Thoughts

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Before you speak ask yourself: Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? Does it improve on the silence?  ~  Sai Baba

Within this simple quote some profound possibilities exist for us to create calm and peace in our lives through the observation of our thinking. If we can observe our thoughts before they become words and actions, we can live with awareness.

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Creative Ways to Drink More Water

Water is easy, accessible and free—so why aren’t we drinking enough? I used to seriously struggle with getting in enough fluids throughout the day, but after making a few simple changes

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Yoga for Anger & Frustration


Anger and frustration are emotions that most of us deal with in our lives. They may even seem to be inevitable side effects of the human condition. Throughout history, philosophers and theologians have speculated about the dilemma of the “human condition.” An interestingly painful, yet comical, definition of this term comes from

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Healthy Belly Smoothie

True Story:  I’m the person that snacks on green beans and chooses beans over bread. I sprinkle nuts and berries on my high fiber cereal and rarely eat wheat or dairy. So, why was I constipated? Constipation is never fun, but it is very common. It can be caused by stress, mood,

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Cultivating Mindfulness in a Crisis

In the Sanskrit language (considered the language of Yoga), the word for crisis is Vimarz. Translated into the English language, vimarz is described in many ways and through a number of different words in an effort to encapsulate its meaning:

Some of these include:      Critical test    Examination    Displeasure    Critical juncture     Consideration    Trial    Deliberation     Intelligence     Reasoning     Irritation     Knowledge

When faced with a crisis,

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