Free Services and Support for Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Patients in Delaware

Unite for HER is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to support breast cancer and ovarian cancer patients. Our mission is simple: to provide comprehensive integrative therapies, education, services, and support, free-of-charge to patients nationwide.

 Unite for HER supports women, men, and nonbinary individuals affected by breast and ovarian cancers.

Unite for HER offers free services and support for breast cancer and ovarian cancer patients in Delaware.

Our Wellness Programs educate patients on how to build an individualized supportive care plan and are designed to support the following conditions:

  • Early Stage Breast Cancer

  • Metastatic Breast Cancer

  • Male Breast Cancer

  • Ovarian Cancer

  • Recurrent Ovarian Cancer


To be considered for a Wellness Program and receive application information, please contact us.

All applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received. All applicants will receive email communications notifying them of their application status and program details.

What Our Members Say

Explore Wellness Programs

Those who qualify for our Wellness Programs, and are within 18 months of diagnosis OR living with metastatic breast cancer or recurrent ovarian cancer, will receive a care box filled with educational resources, safe home and beauty products, and access to live and recorded digital resources–at no personal cost.

Program acceptance is dependent on funding availability.

 Wellness Passport Program 

  • For those diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer, Stages 1-3,  within the past 18 months
  • Available nationwide 
  • Disponible en español

Extended Wellness Passport Program

  • For those living with metastatic breast cancer or recurrent ovarian cancer
  • Available nationwide
  • Disponible en español

Empowered Living Program

  • For those diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer, all stages, regardless of diagnosis date
  • Available nationwide
  • Disponible en español

Hospital/Foundation Partners

All Unite for HER funding from donations, sponsorships, and grants goes directly toward the members we serve. No funding is gifted directly to our hospital partners. Our trusted hospital partners support us in recruiting women for our programs.

Recruiting Partners

"Unite for HER has been amazing. It paid for me to have 10 sessions with an amazing therapist who specializes in helping cancer patients. As a 41 year old, wife, and mom of three daughters this was very helpful. Not having to stress about footing that bill while paying for all of the medical expenses was a huge blessing. They care about you as a whole person and want us to each reach complete healing and health. I can’t say enough good things about Unite for HER.

– Abigail

"I am newly diagnosed and am so glad to find this support group. I intend to make living with cancer a learning experience and am willing to make changes that will get me to survival."


– C.B.

"Thank you for providing THIS valuable Information and providing comfort to cancer patients and survivors."


– T.K.

"Thanks for the programming. It's great to have access to experts."


– L.D.

"Amazing group! I was losing weight rapidly but their programs helped turn that around. Meal prep kits, fresh produce, and virtual cooking class were all wonderful."

– Kelly

A November 2020 patient survey highlights the impact the Unite for HER Wellness Program has on those living with metastatic disease.


of patients reported significant improvement in their side effects


of patients agreed that Unite for HER made a positive impact on their quality of life during and/or after treatment


of patients reported being able to eliminate or reduce at least one prescribed medication to manage side effects


of patients reported a reduced level of stress