Wellness Retreat

Thrive! Wellness Workshop

Thrive! Wellness Workshops were created to support your ongoing survivorship needs and encourage you in your wellness journey. We look forward to reconnecting with our wellness day participants, and meeting new survivors, hoping that all will benefit from these healthy living talks and interactive experiences. You do not have to be a previous Wellness Program participant to attend; however, space is limited. This workshop is open to women more  than 18 months out from diagnosis.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Gail Kelly at gkelly@uniteforher.org.

Topics include:

  • Functional Medicine with Dr. Jennifer Simmons, MD
    A diagnosis of breast cancer is never a blessing. But it can be an opportunity for you to take stock in your life, see what is working and what is not. Together we will learn about the changes you can implement today, in your own life, in order to take charge of your health and restore your wellness.
  • Beauty Upgrades and a Facial with Tammy Ball of ACURE
    Learn about healthy upgrades to your beauty regimen and enjoy a self-facial with ACURE products.
  • Summer Herb Infused Olive Oils with Erin Pellegrin, RD
    Join us for a fun afternoon of using some of our favorite herbs to make-your-own infused olive oil. Whether you use it as a flavor boost in a savory dish or as a delicate finish on salad greens, you’ll discover just how simple it is to create your own favorite herb oils!
  • Medical Marijuana with Dr. Marisa Weiss, MD and Beth Darcy
    Learn about the ABCs of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania and hear a UFH participant’s own experience with its use in alleviating side effects.
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