Helping to Empower and Restore

Give today to provide life-changing therapies and services to breast and ovarian cancer patients nationwide.


Unite for HER is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization whose mission is to enrich the health and wellbeing of those diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancers.  We offer free educational resources and integrative therapy treatments to those in our wellness programs.

As a nonprofit breast cancer charity, our on-going mission depends on donations from generous people like you. And you can give with confidence knowing that Unite for HER is rated 100/100 by Charity Navigator, the premier rating service of nonprofits.

Your support will help those with breast cancer and ovarian cancers receive healing therapies and discover hope for tomorrow.

In Their Words

For those affected by breast and ovarian cancers, the Unite for HER Wellness Program provides access to life-changing therapies and resources, from massage therapy, nutrition counseling, meal and vegetable deliveries, to Reiki, yoga, and more.

With your support, this year more than 5,000 patients like receive integrative therapies and services to support them through treatment and beyond at no personal cost. These are their stories.

“Unite for HER understands exactly what you are going through. The Wellness Program helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally.” Crystal

“My Wellness Day was a game changer. When I was telling my husband about it that night he said ‘It’s so good to see you smiling and laughing. I didn’t realize how much I had missed your smile until I saw it just now.’ Unite for HER brought my smile back for my husband, my children, and me.” Frannie

“Unite for HER treated me as a whole person and empowered me with the knowledge and tools I needed to be an active participant in my own care. I feel like my massage therapist is an important part of my medical team, just as much so as my doctors. Thank you to Unite for HER for helping me through the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through.” Tabitha