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Unite for HER’s free Wellness Programs educate members and provide them with access to supportive services and resources at no personal cost.

 Help us to provide healing and restorative services to patients nationwide. 

For those affected by breast and ovarian cancers, Unite for HER’s Wellness Programs provide hope, healing, and a caring community. 

Passport program members receive free access to life-changing therapies and resources, from massage therapy, nutrition counseling, meal and vegetable deliveries, to Reiki, yoga, and more.

With your support, this year more than 5,000 members like Erica will receive integrative therapies and services to support them through treatment and beyond at no personal cost. 

Together, we will provide care that all patients deserve.

Unite for HERhas been amazing. It paid for me to have 10 sessions with an amazing therapist who specializes in helping cancer patients. As a 41 year old, wife, and mom of three daughters this was very helpful. Not having to stress about footing that bill while paying for all of the medical expenses was a huge blessing. They care about you as a whole person and want us to each reach complete healing and health. I can’t say enough good things about Unite for HER!

Abigail, Wellness Passport Program Member

Every gift makes a difference.

Unite for HER member practices Reiki and meditation

$100 provides one private Reiki or yoga session

$250 provides a personal nutrition consultation and 6-weeks of vegetable deliveries

$2,000 provides healing and restorative treatments for one member for an entire year

What Our Members Say

Our members truly are our voice and their words speak volumes to the impact of your gift.

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I encourage everyone plagued with breast cancer to take advantage of the Unite for HER programs, services, and therapies. They are tailored to support all of us – female and male! There is help with the physical, emotional and nutritional assistance needed with this challenging diagnosis. I know I am glad I did and have come to realize cancer does not discriminate based on gender – nor does Unite for HER.”


UFH has played a huge role in my quest to beat this horrible disease! Just to have these options means so much to me – whether it’s a massage or acupuncture, or the beauty products when we feel anything but… maybe a recipe from the cookbook or farm fresh co-op delivered weekly. These things go such a long way. We are holding our breath with every treatment, every scan, every test result…UFH was a breath of fresh air followed by a warm hug!”


Applying for Unite for HER was one of the best decisions ever. As I walked my journey, Unite for HER was by my side as one of my support systems. Any questions I had were received with open arms. I chose to speak with a fellow nutrition professional and picked out a grocery gift card, which I allowed me to select nutrient-dense foods, beneficial to my recovery. Unite For HER, which I am forever grateful, is now a constant in my life.”


A November 2020 patient survey highlights the impact the Unite for HER Wellness Program has on those living with metastatic disease.


of patients reported significant improvement in their side effects


of patients agreed that Unite for HER made a positive impact on their quality of life during and/or after treatment


of patients reported being able to eliminate or reduce at least one prescribed medication to manage side effects


of patients reported a reduced level of stress