HER Speaker Series

Find inspiration at home as local leaders in health, wellness, business, and community share their stories in monthly virtual events. 100% of proceeds benefit the Unite for HER Wellness Program.

Upcoming Events

“Rehab for Cancer” with ReVital Cancer Rehab

October 7, 2021, live at 6:00 pm EST on Zoom

For those affected by cancer and its treatments, maintaining and/or regaining strength and function is a critical part of recovery. Cancer Rehabilitation empowers people affected by cancer to live their best lives.  Cancer rehabilitation therapists can help you prepare for cancer treatment, maintain strength throughout your cancer journey, and resume the activities you care about the most.  Working with a specially trained therapist to maximize your overall health while receiving cancer treatments can help you stay engaged with family, continue to meet work responsibilities, and continue to enjoy social activities.  Join us for an educational session with Rita Padhiar, DPT, ReVital Certified Therapist, ReVital Cancer Program Director.

This event is free for previous and current Wellness Program participants. Please contact us for details.


Rita Padhiar is the ReVital Cancer Program Director for South Eastern, Pennsylvania and a Certified Cancer Specialist. The ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation program treats patients from diagnosis to survivorship and helps patients navigate side effects of treatment improving the quality of life. Rita has also been the center manager at the West Chester center for the past 10 years where she leads and mentors the staff in clinical and service excellence. She is well versed in manual therapy techniques including SI joint/lumbar/soft tissue/neural mobilization and cupping techniques. In addition, Rita has undergone advanced training and is considered a concussion expert and is a market champion for the recovery and reconditioning program widely used to treat post COVID patients.