In Their Words

Transforming lives one patient at a time

Breast cancer patients and ovarian cancer patients share their experiences as participants in the Unite for HER Wellness Program.


“The Wellness Day was awesome! I was looking for a support group and I got introduced to your group by a friend. I received the care box and it really was a blessing. There’s a lot of great things I can use. My wife also. The Wellness Day gave me great information on nutrition, healing, exercise and mental health. I’m grateful to you and thanks for a beautiful day.”


“Thank you so much for this latest version of the provider list and for the reminder to use our Passport. It’s absolutely wonderful! I’m going grocery shopping for the second time on this coming Monday with Michelle. She is really very nice and easy to shop with J. The gift to shop free is a true blessing!”


“I just received my gift box today, what a beautiful surprise!! I love to cook so I’m so anxious to try some of the recipes since I hear my tastes might be changing. The products look great too! I am looking forward to utilizing the services, I’m sure I’ll be ready for some calming experiences during this journey. Thank you again!!”


“I am still in awe of how good the Speaker Series panel was, and how superb the selection of topics were – none of it was irrelevant; it was all vital issues with up to date info that is not covered by docs ordinarily. I better understand it now.”


“Unite for HER offers holistic, invaluable services and education that is unparalleled to any support group I know of. I found Unite for HER through my work for a health care concierge company. When I inquired about the program, I mentioned how I wished a program like theirs would exist in Florida and that’s when they told me they had expanded nationally!”


“My Wellness Day was a game changer. When I was telling my husband about it that night he said ‘It’s so good to see you smiling and laughing. I didn’t realize how much I had missed your smile until I saw it just now.’ Unite for HER brought my smile back for my husband, my children, and me.”


“I encourage everyone plagued with breast cancer to take advantage of the Unite for HER programs, services, and therapies. They are tailored to support all of us – female and male! There is help with the physical, emotional and nutritional assistance needed with this challenging diagnosis. I know I am glad I did and have come to realize cancer does not discriminate based on gender – nor does Unite for HER.”


“The professional services gifted to me by UFH helped me find relief and normalcy. Just a wonderful group of people who genuinely show how much they care about my wellness. I have taken advantage of therapeutic massages, CSA, nutritional consult, meal kits and yoga.”


“I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the Stronger thru cancer program. Priscilla is just amazing! I look forward to the stretching , yoga and balance classes each day (and I hate exercising)! The weekly mindfulness & journaling sessions are great also. The women who attend the classes are so supportive I feel like I have a new group of friends. Thank you so much for including this in the passport.”


“My Wellness Day was packed with the most amazing information. I quickly learned that there were so many options and resources to explore to help me get through the numerous side effects that I was to encounter. I found the oncology massage to be so beneficial. I was suffering from some debilitating pain throughout my body. The therapist was nothing short of amazing.”


“I received the Unite For Her care box today and I am touched beyond words! My breast cancer diagnosis and the ensuing journey through treatments and side effects have been and continues to be quite challenging. While this life-changing experience has been overwhelming at times, I am humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support by organizations such as UFH. Thank you to all those who work diligently to make this journey easier to travel!”


“As someone living with metastatic cancer, knowing that Unite for HER will be by my side the entire journey is a game-changer. Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for the unbelievable and amazing work, compassion, generosity, thoughtfulness and vision of the women at UFH. My heart and eyes are full.”


“Thank you and the Paoli team for having put together the Care Box. It was an emotional experience opening the box. I will cherish it for ever. It made me feel I am not alone fighting this big “C” having the support of the team behind me.”


“I am so grateful for my team of doctors who lead me in the right direction, and Unite for HER, which is an amazing resource. I was able to use my passport for the CSA shares, Nutritional Information, and therapeutic massages.”


“I loved receiving UFH produce boxes. They were filled with lively veggies and came to my door, so I did not need to venture out to the stores while having low energy in the middle of the pandemic. Through UFH, and Lancaster Farm Fresh, potent life was being delivered to me.”


“I would like to say ‘thank you’ to Unite for HER. I received my care box last week with such wonderful thought-out natural items. I even made a couple of dishes using the cookbook. The book of inspiration is a great way to settle down in the evening and give me words of encouragement as I travel this new journey.”


“Without the funding from Unite for HER, I would not have been able to receive the acupuncture treatments that relieved my neuropathy and pain.”


“Because of your services, I was able to discover so many wonderful ways to compliment my chemo and immunotherapy with integrative wellness therapies. The battle to beat this disease is a tough one, but Unite for HER has made my battle a lot easier.”


“Your organization is absolutely amazing and I am grateful to be a part of it! I signed up for the Virtual Wellness Day next week, and I received this incredible package in the mail today. It is organizations like these, and their mission, that give people hope when they feel as though all hope is lost.”


“I received a box in the mail this week and I am blown away by the Wellness Program. I signed up for the National MBC Virtual conference during a low period. I had just found out I had liver progression. I knew there were things I could do to further help myself besides just switching treatments so I signed up for the Wellness Program. Unite For HER is going to help me so much on this journey! THANK YOU! I also received an email with openings for the virtual cooking classes. I signed up for one! Thank you so much for existing and being there to help!”


“The care box is incredible! I can’t believe how many goodies there are. I’ve been stage 4 for 5 years now, but only started focusing on integrative options in the last year or so. I think it makes such a difference, and I’m so happy to have discovered your organization. This box absolutely made my day. I am really looking forward to the virtual Wellness Day. Thank you!”


“Ovarian cancer gets overlooked because it isn’t as common. I felt so sad that I hadn’t been getting any support because I happened to have the ‘wrong’ female cancer. But all of that has changed now because of Unite for HER. I am ever so grateful.”


“I wanted to send a big thank you to Unite for HER. You’ve been such a blessing in so many ways, services, information, inspiration and so much more. I signed up for the November zooms and got a little gift box the other day filled with love. Into my 7th year after metastatic diagnosis, there is hope and sunshine to be had.”


“Receiving my care box felt like a warm welcome into this loving community. It made my new reality less daunting and gave me a feeling of support. Using my passport squares for acupuncture helped to ease my chemo side effects – therapy I would have never explored without Unite for HER!”


“Unite for HER was my lifesaver at a time where I honestly questioned if I’d make it. The UFH family has provided me and my son with several reasons to smile many reasons to keep fighting and pushing forward. UFH has been here with me every step of the way, providing me with the tools, resources, recipes and healing therapy that I really needed.”


“Unite for HER was one of my saving graces. I was able to receive the CSA Farm Box filled with fresh vegetables. The acupuncture healed the lower part of my legs which no longer feel heavy and stiff.  Unite for HER has taught me so much about cancer and how to live a healthy life. The meditation and mindfulness practice helps me decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. Unite for HER offers a wealth of information that I did not receive from my cancer center.”


“Unite for HER was there for me when I needed support the most and helped me make positive changes for me and my family which has made our lives better and healthier.”


“I was sent a beautiful care box filled with so many thoughtful things to help me get through some of the hardest months of my life. I was blown away by how much Unite for HER offers people like me – many wonderful things to help get through such a dark period.  When Covid hit, my family and I looked forward to our veggie pickups and new recipes. I am forever grateful for the Unite for HER community.”


“I want to share my deepest gratitude for UFH. As grocery prices have risen, the ability to buy vegetables and fruits with the passport – either through a nutrition gift card or the weekly vegetable shares – is priceless.”


“It’s such an isolating feeling having cancer and I am so grateful to have this organization to offer their programs and support. I am hopeful my cancer journey will end, but my support of Unite for HER will last a lifetime.”


“I wanted to thank you for my Trader Joe’s gift card back in March. I put it to GREAT use. Thank you so much for the awesome work this organization provides for breast cancer thrivers and our family.”


“Very grateful for your help Unite for HER. The box of vegetables was of great help in these difficult moments. Thank you for existing may my God bless you all. Christina is always there with words of courage. A thousand thanks to everyone.”


“I received a box from your organization today. I’m still in tears as I write this. I’ve been battling this cancer alone and I have signed up for different things but never received anything. You would think it’s Christmas here in my house. Oh my, the wellness program! Thank you is not enough. I wish I were there to hug you.”


“I was diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage. It was a tough process but thanks to God and my doctor the results were excellent. I’ve already repeated my mammogram everything came out excellent. Thank you for your support. This is an excellent resource and it helped me a lot to be in this program.”


“Thank you for the Farm Box! Fresh delicious vegetables! This has been so helpful for me and I am forever grateful for you.”


“Once again, UFH swooped in when I needed them! I’ve been feeling so anxious about returning to work. I’ve felt so out of control regarding CANCER being on the CDC list of people who may have more severe COVID symptoms and trying to get answers from my doctor. My THRIVE experience today centered me and put me back in control. I learned so much!”


“Thank you Unite for HER for all the help that I’ve been provided with. I am a cancer patient and this road has not been easy at all, I am so grateful given that due to my condition I can’t work and you have provided your help. I appreciate you so much.”


“All I can say is there are angels on Earth. A thoughtful organization dedicated to education and awareness for those of us living with breast cancer. I’m amazed at the love and I really appreciate this organization helping me to choose better options / organic products and nutrition for self care.”


“UFH has played a huge role in my quest to beat this horrible disease! Just to have these options means so much to me – whether it’s a massage or acupuncture, or the beauty products when we feel anything but… maybe a recipe from the cookbook or farm fresh co-op delivered weekly. These things go such a long way. We are holding our breath with every treatment, every scan, every test result…UFH was a breath of fresh air followed by a warm hug!”


“Unite for HER understands exactly what you are going through. 

The Wellness Program helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally.”


“This has been a journey and I’m still on the journey. I am grateful for the UFH program who I was referred to by one of my Pink Sisters. Honored to be a part of this amazing, inspirational, helpful, and guided program.”


“I received a beautiful care box with products and the Wellness Passport. It was super comforting, and I was touched by the outpouring of support, care, and love from people who did not even know me.” 


“The incredible care box contained self-care products and valuable information on nutrition and healing for both mind and body. The wellness passport was amazing, it gave me access to breathwork classes, yoga, meditation, and CSA deliveries to name a few. All these services were integral to my healing process. I love that these integrative programs are made available. I can’t say enough about UFH. It is a remarkable organization, that provides care, compassion, support, and access to vital resources when you need them the most.”


“Most of us know about what vegetables and starches you should eat but you also learn about things you’re not thinking about, learning to cook differently and you can cook along with them which I think is amazing.”


“Applying for Unite for HER was one of the best decisions ever. As I walked my journey, Unite for HER was by my side as one of my support systems. Any questions I had were received with open arms. I chose to speak with a fellow nutrition professional and picked out a grocery gift card, which I allowed me to select nutrient-dense foods, beneficial to my recovery. Unite For HER, which I am forever grateful, is now a constant in my life.”

A November 2020 patient survey highlights the impact the Unite for HER Wellness Program has on those living with metastatic disease.


of patients reported significant improvement in their side effects


of patients agreed that Unite for HER made a positive impact on their quality of life during and/or after treatment


of patients reported being able to eliminate or reduce at least one prescribed medication to manage side effects


of patients reported a reduced level of stress