National Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference and Wellness Program

Empowering HER
supporting HER
with integrative care
for life.

National Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference and Wellness Program

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June 11, 2022
1:00 pm to 3:30 pm EST
Online via Zoom 

The Unite for HER Wellness Program was designed to restore hope while providing you with innovative tools designed to rebuild the sense of control that cancer took away.

Unite for HER serves those living with metastatic breast cancer who share a common need for guidance, support, and trusted resources. Since founding in 2009 UFH has provided over 55,000 integrative therapy treatments to over 6,000 people and is committed to being by your side for as long as you need.

Through the UFH Wellness Program you will learn about the benefits of integrative therapies and create a personal plan for incorporating services into your treatment. Participants will learn about Reiki, yoga, whole food nutrition, the power of movement and exercise, professional counseling and sexual health counseling, and ongoing access to HER Speaker Series that includes topic like sexual health, medical marijuana, cancer and careers, and more, and all services are funded by Unite for HER.

The Wellness Program is delivered via HER care box and contains educational resources, healing and healthy self-care products, and the hallmark of our program, a Wellness Passport valued at $2,000 of integrative therapies and services from approved providers and renews every six months- for life- at no cost to those we serve.

Attendees will receive: 

  • HER care box, delivered directly to your home, filled with over $300 worth of healing resources and healthy organic self-care products
  • $2,000 of integrative therapies through the UFH Wellness Passport, renewed every six months, for life

During the LIVE Wellness Conference event, you will:

  • Participate in live virtual sessions and be able to ask questions directly to medical and wellness experts
  • Connect with other attendees and join HER community
  • Learn how to use the Wellness Passport of Services and Treatments

In HER Words

“As a woman with Metastatic Disease, I'm so grateful for UFH's ongoing support over the past three years since my diagnosis. I feel as if you are a part of my care team, and the impacts you continue to make in my life are a lifeline!”
“For me, the passport has been invaluable. It has really gotten me through some hard times.”
“It is a life saver. I have had breast cancer for 8 years. I had 5 recurrences... I would not have made it this far without the cookbook and therapies."

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