Partnering to change the lives of those with breast and ovarian cancers

Unite for HER is committed to providing wellness resources to those who have been diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancers, helping to enhance their health and comfort while they undergo medical treatment. We offer knowledge, hands-on education, and encouragement to patients, allowing them to feel both empowered and restored. This approach enables individuals to be renewed in body, mind and spirit, which is crucial for holistic healing.

10 cents for every ACURE Brightening Day Cream and Brightening Night Cream sold supports Unite for HER.

Recruiting Partners

All Unite for HER funding from donations, sponsorships, and grants goes directly toward the members we serve. No funding is gifted directly to our hospital partners. Our trusted hospital partners support us in recruiting women for our programs.

Featured Partner: TOUCH BBCA

We are honored to partner with TOUCH: The Black Breast Cancer Alliance for a new initiative to support Black breast cancer patients with integrative care during clinical trial participation.

Corporate Partnerships

We actively seek to partner with individuals, nonprofit organizations, and businesses that align with our mission to care for and serve those affected by breast and ovarian cancers, as well as the promotion of clean living education. If you feel your service, product or brand would be a good complement to our wellness initiatives, please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities. We are grateful for the generous and ongoing support of the following partners.

Featured Partners

Penn Medicine

“I cannot say enough about the impact that Unite for HER has had on the lives of our patients at Penn Medicine. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t receive a thank you from a patient for referring them to UFH or hear a testimonial from a patient about their experience with the organization. The resources provided, including access to restorative services, educational meetings as well as emotional support are an incredible asset to cancer survivors in their time of most need. Thank you, Unite for HER, for all you do. You make practicing oncology a little bit easier.”

Tracy d’Entremont, MD
Director of Oncology Services, Penn Abramson Cancer Center at Valley Forge

Fox Chase Cancer Center

“Partnering with Unite for HER has provided many of our patients access to services they may not have previously been afforded the opportunities. It has been a positive experience, not only for the patients, but also for our staff…we truly appreciate all that UFH has to offer.”

Roxana Traveira
Vice President Oncology Services, Temple University Hospital

Abington Jefferson Health

“Unite for HER offers a community and many services to our patients, that are truly lacking. As physicians we leave our patients with a lot of recovery to do on their own after our operative interventions and systemic antineoplastic therapies and radiation treatments. Unite for HER fills this gap for patients after completion of their prescribed cancer treatment. UFH educates cancer patients and, in essence, their families on how to begin a healthier life, recover from side-effects they have endured, learn about nutritional information, and gain access to complementary therapies. Unite for HER brings together a community of cancer survivors that provide support for members. I’m so grateful that my patients can now receive these amazing offerings.”

Mark Shahin, MD, FACOG, FACS
Abington Jefferson Hospital Director, Hanjani Institute of Gynecologic Oncology at Asplundh Cancer Pavilion

Main Line Health

“Unite for HER has offered invaluable services to aid my patients’ recovery. I see women having fewer side-effects from chemotherapy after receiving acupuncture, improved energy and physical strength after yoga, and feel more confident in their ability to complete cancer therapies. The long-term benefits of Unite for HER’s program and education are also apparent years later when women are empowered to exercise, eat well, and change other life habits that lower cancer risk and improve their health.”

Linna Li, MD
System Division Chief of Radiation Oncology, Main Line Health

Jefferson Health

“Our partnership with Unite for HER has been a remarkable experience. Being able to bring this extraordinary program which encompasses emotional support, wellness and educational programming to our patients diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer is second to none. Our team receives incredible feedback from women about the positive impact their participation in the UFH programs has had on their well-being, coping skills and knowledge level of self-care during a cancer diagnosis. We are so fortunate to be the first cancer center in New Jersey to offer this valuable program to our patients and we are proud to be a partner in care with UFH.”

Michele E. Gaguski, MSN RN
Cancer Program Administrator, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

“We are honored to partner with Unite for HER to support the recruitment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer patients into their Wellness Programs. The education, emotional support, and integrative care offerings are so meaningful and impactful to patients and their families. Simply put, Unite for HER is a blessing to all breast cancer patients, especially our very vulnerable TNBC community.”

Hayley Dinerman
Executive Director, Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation

The University of Vermont Cancer Center

“The Unite for HER programs and care box are like rafts supporting women with cancer. Best of all, survivors don’t need to seek out separate integrative therapies to support their journey. They can mix and match what works best for them. Thank you for all your great work!”

Kim Dittus, MD, PhD
Medical Oncologist, University of Vermont Cancer Center