Pink Invitational Frequently Asked Questions

Will this meet be sanctioned?

This is a “virtual” event, and therefore cannot be sanctioned. Each gym will do their own Pink event, or nearby gyms can coordinate something between their teams!

What are options for our Pink event? 

Some gyms are already hosting meets, and will make some part of their meet a “Pink” event.Some gyms will choose to host a small meet, with maybe 2 or 3 gyms, that will be their “Pink” meet.Some gyms will hold “mock” Pink meets or exhibitions with their team, where they will wear their official Pink leos, have a march-in, make it festive and fun!  Send us videos of your event and you will be highlighted on broadcast day!

When should we do our Pink event?

Any time before or up until our broadcast day, which will be February 20th

What am I getting for my $55/gymnast registration fee? 

An exclusive official 2021 Pink Invitational leotard with matching face mask by GK, an official 2021 Pink Invitational swag bag filled with organic self-care products, participation in the Pink Stick It Club, a link to the Pink online broadcast day festivities, and more!

Do we have to participate in the Above and Beyond Team Challenge?

Not at all! However, there is no minimum donation requirement this year and each team will get their own online donation page set up for them by our Unite for HER staff. You would be surprised how quickly donations come in, and no amount is too small! Cartwheelathons, bake sales, car washes… so many fun ideas for fundraising “back home.” Also, every gymnast on those teams that participate and get their fundraising monies in by the deadline will get a one-year all-access pass to the Unite for HER Wellness Library which is full of valuable information pertaining to beauty and wellness.