Wellness Program & Therapies

Effective March 12, 2020: Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, all March and April Wellness Day events are postponed. New dates will be published as soon as they become available. Additionally, all UFH care providers are required to follow the new provider safety guidelines and protocol. If you are unable to receive treatment or require an extension of your passport due to these changes, please contact us.

Wellness Program

Through the Unite for HER Wellness Day program, breast cancer and ovarian cancer patients learn about the benefits of complementary therapies and create a personal plan for incorporating these fully-funded services into their treatment and recovery. 

In a small group setting, trained professionals lead discussions on the uses and benefits of acupuncture, massage, Reiki, yoga, meditation, nutrition, professional counseling (including sexual health), and caregiver support. Attendees receive a personal massage consultation and hands-on experience with yoga and Reiki during the event. Participants enjoy a delicious meal while engaging in an interactive presentation hosted by Unite for HER Nutrition Manager Erin Pellegin RD, LDN, on the healing properties of real foods. In addition to these helpful resources, Unite for HER also provides a wellness passport to participants to cover one year of treatment costs from approved providers (see documents in the left column) for the therapies they feel will best support their everyday health and wellness.

Upcoming Wellness Days

If you live in the Philadelphia region and are experiencing any of the following, please contact us to find out more about our Wellness Program.

  • If you been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer within the last 18 months
  • If you are facing a recurrence of breast or ovarian cancer
  • If you are living with metastatic breast or ovarian cancer

We partner with over 30 hospitals and cancer care centers in the Philadelphia region. If you are being treated at a non-partner hospital, please contact us to learn how you can attend a Wellness Day. 

  • May 7: Temple University Hospital
  • May 8: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia  
  • May 15: Jefferson, Washington Township
  • May 31: Phoenixville Hospital
  • June 1: Chestnut Hill Hospital
  • June 11: Reading Hospital
  • June 12: Riddle Hospital
  • June 19: Fox Chase Cancer Center

(By invitation only for current breast cancer patients of partner hospitals)

Hospital/Foundation Partners

Wellness Partners

  • ACAC
  • Acure
  • Cornerstone Clubs
  • Good Shepherd Penn Partners
  • Independence
  • Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop
  • MC Global Research
  • Newtown Athletic Club
  • Panera
  • Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging
  • YMCA


Unite for HER is committed to providing wellness resources to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or ovarian cancer, helping to enhance their health and comfort while they undergo medical treatment. We offer knowledge, hands-on education, and encouragement to breast cancer patients, allowing them to feel both empowered and restored. This approach enables women to be renewed in body, mind and spirit, which is crucial for holistic healing. For additional information regarding the many benefits of these therapies, please explore our Resources section.


Acupuncture has many benefits and has been very effective in easing breast cancer or ovarian cancer treatment symptoms. Headaches, fatigue, nausea, pain, vomiting, neuropathy, circulation, hot flashes and digestion can be greatly reduced and/or eliminated with acupuncture treatments.

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Massage has been proven to improve circulation and help reduce fatigue for women with breast cancer or ovarian cancer. It is very important for your massage therapist to specialize in treating breast cancer patients to ensure they understand problems specific to the disease, such as lymphedema, and the effects of medical treatment.

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Women with cancer undergo extreme physical, mental, and emotional stress that can weaken the immune system. After yoga, patients have more energy, improved physical functioning, and quality of life. Meditation exercises also help relieve anxiety, provide nausea relief, and alleviate insomnia.

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Reiki is a noninvasive practice that uses a light touch on – or holding hands just above – a person’s body to help promote balance and well-being. Studies have shown that Reiki induces relaxation, decreasing anxiety, stress and joint/muscle pain.


Many foods found in our grocery stores and organic markets contain cancer-fighting properties, helping us to decrease the risk for disease. During cancer treatments, certain foods and ingredients such as sea salt, olive oil, lemon and Grade B Maple Syrup can help stimulate taste buds and remove the metallic taste, allowing you to stay nourished and thrive.

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Professional Counseling

Women who are facing a breast cancer or ovarian cancer diagnosis and the treatments that follow often experience changes in their self-image and important relationships. It is not unusual to feel as if you are in a new and challenging reality. A professional counselor who is trained and experienced provides a safe, supportive, individual space for you to freely express feelings and brings an objective and trained approach to problems of emotional distress, sexual health, communicating with loved ones, and planning for a future.

Xiuunite for Xiu
It was through Unite for HER’s education session that I learned to focus not only on traditional cancer treatment therapies but also include other complementary therapies that can bring my body’s ecosystem to whole health.  Through different modalities such as massage therapy as well as acupuncture, I have gained new insights into what my body needs during and post chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. These different modalities I believe are providing me with a speedier recovery.

Provider Training Opportunities

As workshops are scheduled, the event details will be posted on our events calendar. Please check that page on the website or contact us at info@uniteforher.org.