Project Lift

An outreach program of Unite for HER

Unite for HER supports breast and ovarian cancer patients with integrative therapies, services, and support, to provide whole-patient care.

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Project Lift: Helping to Empower and Restore Patients Nationwide 

Unite for HER fulfills an unmet need in oncology treatment, bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and patients with education and integrative treatments to support patient-centered cancer care.

Supported by modern scientific research, integrative therapies support patients’ ability to adhere to their medical treatment plan, improve their quality of life, and contribute to improved survival.

Providing Whole Person Care

Project Lift is an outreach program of Unite for HER, providing patients with a Wellness Program Passport, access to a network of medical and wellness practitioners, and supportive services. Our Wellness Program offers hands-on support and program funding up to $2,000 in care to each patient we serve.

Through the Wellness Passport, patients can choose therapies and services that meet their needs, ranging from yoga, fitness memberships, mental health counseling, and sexual health resources, to nutritional offerings like fresh vegetable deliveries, unlimited nutritional counseling appointments, live virtual cooking classes, meal deliveries, and more.

All services are delivered by the Unite for HER care network.

“Unite for HER understands exactly what you are going through. The Wellness Program helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally.” Crystal

Member surveys from a previous cohort (550 patients, June 2022-2023) display an increase in wellbeing and quality of life thanks to program services.

Survey data

Healthcare and Recruiting Partners

“The therapies have helped me to afford programs that have helped my health recovery. The gift cards keep me focused on eating healthy. I could not afford these programs without the help of Unite for HER. Thank you for all that you do.”

from FarmboxRx on Vimeo.

“I got so much good information from the dietitian who was great at speaking with and listening to me on several occasions. I appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and will use that advice to continue improving my diet. My health is something I really want to improve, my way of hoping to reduce the chance of another recurrence. The grocery gift cards and fresh vegetable deliveries were great at helping me with this goal. Thank you all for all that you do!!!”

Stacy S.

We are proud to partner with FarmboxRx to provide patients with fresh vegetables across the nation. Our team of registered dietitians work to support patients at every stage, providing personal guidance, cooking classes, and a library of recipes and tips. Many patients are unable to access fresh vegetables in their communities, and this partnership enables us to safely deliver nourishing vegetables directly to their homes.” 

– Sue Weldon, Founder & CEO of Unite for HER

“I want to tell you that I am in the middle of a six-week session for FarmboxRX, and it is incredible! I can’t tell you how much I love it, and how much it is helping me eat more vegetables!!  It is literally changing the way I eat, and for that, I can’t thank you enough” 

– Emily, Wellness Program Participant

“Teaming up with Unite For HER is the perfect example of how two organizations with similar missions and shared values can join forces to positively impact more lives. In alignment with our Food as Medicine mission, we are proud to improve the accessibility to healthy food and nutrition education as part of Unite for HER’s Wellness Program.” 

– Ashley Turner, Founder & CEO of FarmboxRx

“I’m grateful for this opportunity because having to worry about food during treatment is a big stress for me. When I was on an unpaid medical leave from work for a year during my active treatment, I would starve just so I had money for transportation to my appointments and pay my medical bills. Being able to choose food without worrying will help me tremendously. No one deserves to feel this helpless. Thank you for your program.”