Integrative Therapies and nutrition Provide Significant Impact on Patients with Breast Cancer

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Impact of Integrative Therapies on Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer

2022 SABCS Poster Presentation

Impact of Nutrition on Patients Living with Breast Cancer

2023 SABCS Poster Presentation

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Unite for HER was founded in 2009 to help empower and restore breast cancer patients in the Philadelphia region by educating about integrative care and providing free access to integrative therapies, services, and support. Today Unite for HER has expanded to support breast cancer and ovarian cancer patients nationwide, providing education, integrative therapies, services, and support. Unite for HER also provides lifelong care to patients living with metastatic breast cancer or recurrent ovarian cancer.

We are committed to being a safe space for people of all sexual orientations/gender identities.

Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia uplifts and strengthens people impacted by cancer by providing support, fostering compassionate communities, and breaking down barriers to care.  

We provide a comprehensive professional program of social and emotional support and education designed to enhance the mind, body, and spirit of people whose lives have been affected by cancer.

All of our programs and services are provided at no cost to our participants (known as our members) so there’s never a barrier for anyone who needs cancer support. So that no one faces cancer alone.

2023 Poster Presentation

Disclaimer: Unite for HER presents this poster in support of Cancer Support Community. Questions were answered by and data was obtained from members of The Cancer Experience Registry (CER). Results support the benefit of nutrition education and supportive services, including Unite for HER, on quality of life.
San Antonio Breast Cancer Poster Session by Unite for HER and Cancer Support Community

Morris, V., Miller, M., Kelly, G., Weldon, S. Professional Support for Eating and Nutrition Among Women Living with Breast Cancer: Implications for Mental Health and Quality of Life. Poster presentation. San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2023.

Community-based advocacy organizations that offer access to professional support services for eating and nutrition are critical for addressing unmet needs in this area to improve health and well-being among women with breast cancer.

“This study draws insights from the Cancer Experience Registry showing a significant connection between accessing nutritional support and improving the quality of life for individuals with breast cancer. In an era marked by a shortage of mental health professionals, the provision of professional nutritional support to breast cancer patients like Unite for HER provides, emerges as a promising avenue to positively impact mental health outcomes.”

Melissa Miller, PHD, MPH​​​​
Senior Research Director, Cancer Support Community

“Our team of Registered Dietitians works so hard to provide support and guidance to our community, and are thrilled to see the impact this can make in a patient’s overall health and wellbeing – extending far beyond their nutritional status. We are hopeful that data such as this will continue to move the needle forward as we all work to improve and expand the care cancer patients receive during all stages of their treatment journey.”

Erin Pellegrin RD, LDN
Director of Culinary Nutrition and Education, Unite for HER

2022 Poster Presentation

San Antonio Breast Cancer Poster Session by Unite for HER and Cancer Support Community

Andac-Jones, E., Gonzalo, M., Kelly, G., Weldon, S. Impact of Integrative Therapies on Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer. Poster presentation. San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2022.

Unite for HER surveyed participating metastatic breast cancer patients and submitted the data for analysis by Cancer Support Community. Among the key findings were the ability of integrative therapies to reduce stress, reduce medication used for side effects, and to improve reported quality of life.

97% of patients agree that Unite for HER made a positive impact on their quality of life with cancer
93% of patients reported a reduced level of stress
80% of patients reported significant improvements in their side effects
28% of patients reported being able to eliminate or reduce at least one prescribed medication to manage side effects

“We hear from our patients every day about how the Wellness Program is improving their lives and helping them to adhere to their cancer treatments. This study provides important data that we hope will encourage others to adopt integrative therapies into their lifestyle to reap their benefits. We see the difference firsthand and believe every person deserves whole patient care.” 

Sue Weldon
Founder and CEO, Unite for HER

“We are excited to see the important role integrative therapies play in improving patients’ quality of life. We believe the ability to measure impact with the data collected directly from a support service provider can be instrumental in designing programs that meet actual cancer patient needs and expanding access for all.”

Elif Andac-Jones, Ph.D.
Senior Director of Market Research at Cancer Support Community

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