Welcome to the Pink Scavenger Hunt!

Join our interactive scavenger hunt at the Pink Invitational!

Find and complete all 6 Selfie Stations throughout the venue for a chance to win a Pink Prize Pack!

Happy Hunting!

What is Unite for HER?

At Unite for HER, our vision is that every person with breast and ovarian cancers will feel the support of a loving community, and will have access to comprehensive education, services, and tools that enrich their health and well-being.

Our Integrative Wellness Programs provide access to therapies and services including acupuncture, oncology massage, nutrition consult, groceries, professional counseling, fitness, and much more. Every member receives $2,000 of services they choose to support them during treatment and beyond.

The Rules

  • Hit all 6 Selfie Stations! Selfie Stations are marked with signs and floor stickers. 
  • For your submission to count:
    • You must tag and follow @pinkinvitational and @unite4her on Instagram
    • You must use the hashtag #uniteforher in your post(s)
  • You can include all your selfies in one post, or post them separately. Make sure to include all the tags for each station! 😉
  • Selfie, follow, and tag! Will you be a scavenger hunt winner? Post your selfies and 5 luck winners will receive a Pink Prize Pack after Pink weekend!

Don’t have Instagram? Is your profile on private?

  • Don’t have IG? No worries! Email your selfies to pinkteamchallenge@uniteforher.org for your submission to count
  • On private? No problem! Screenshot your posts and message us 

Happy Hunting!


Selfie Stations

Station 1: Unite for HER

Selfie: Take a pic in front of the UFH banner of quotes

Special Instructions: In your caption, share 1 fact about UFH (hint: some are written on floor stickers throughout the venue!)

Tag: #uniteforher, @unite4her, @pinkinvitational

Station 2: ACURE

Selfie: Take a pic at the ACURE banner

Special Instructions: Include your Natural Beauty Guide by Jolene Hart in your selfie

Tag: #uniteforher, @acurebeauty @unite4her, @pinkinvitational

Station 3: GK

Selfie: Strike a pose in front of the GK banner

Special Instructions: Grab a free GK scrunchie!

Tag: #uniteforher, @gkelite, @unite4her, @pinkinvitational

Station 4: Touch BBCA’s For the Love of My Gurls

Selfie: Take a selfie at the Touch BBCA/For the Love of My Gurls vendor table

Special Instructions: Learn about breast health with Know Your Lemons

Tag: #uniteforher, #fortheloveofmygurls, @touchbbca, @loveofmygurls, @knowyourlemons, @unite4her, @pinkinvitational

Station 5: Volunteers

VSelfie: Take a selfie with a volunteer, or in front of the volunteer Room (room 125)

Special Instructions: Say thank you to a volunteer. Many of them have received Wellness Passports themselves!

Tag: #uniteforher, @unite4her, @pinkinvitational

Station 6: Packed with Love – Care Box

Selfie: Take a pic at the UFH care box table

Special Instructions: Write a note to a breast or ovarian cancer patient

Tag: #uniteforher, #hercarebox, @unite4her, @pinkinvitational

Bonus Entry!

For an extra chance to win, create and post a TikTok about the Pink Invitational!

Why do you love Pink? What is your favorite part? What (or who) inspires you to go Pink?

Tag @pinkinvitational on TikTok for your bonus entry to count

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