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Welcome to the Pink Scavenger Hunt!

Join our interactive scavenger hunt at the Pink Invitational!

Find and complete all 3 Selfie Stations throughout the venue for a chance to win a Pink Prize Pack!

Happy Hunting!

What is Unite for HER?

At Unite for HER, our vision is that every person with breast and ovarian cancers will feel the support of a loving community, and will have access to comprehensive education, services, and tools that enrich their health and well-being.

Our Integrative Wellness Programs provide access to therapies and services including acupuncture, oncology massage, nutrition consult, groceries, professional counseling, fitness, and much more. Every member receives $2,000 of services they choose to support them during treatment and beyond.

The Rules

  •  Hit all 3 Selfie Stations (plus a bonus)! Selfie Stations are marked with signs and floor stickers. 
  • For your submission to count:
    • You must tag @pinkinvitational and @unite4her in your Instagram post or story
    • You must use following @pinkinvitational and @unite4her on Instagram
  • You can include all your selfies in one post, or post them separately.
  • Selfie, follow, and tag! Will you be a scavenger hunt winner? Post your selfies and 5 lucky winners will receive a Pink Prize Pack after Pink weekend!

Don’t have Instagram? Is your profile on private?

  • Don’t have IG? No worries! Email your selfies to pinkteamchallenge@uniteforher.org for your submission to count
  • On private? No problem! Screenshot your posts and message us 

Happy Hunting!


Selfie Stations

Station 1: Nutrition for Athletes with Lilly

Learn about Nutrition for Athletes.

Did you know – Butternut squash has tons of vitamin A, improving your eyesight so you can stick the perfect landing! Check your Pink goodie bag for our Butternut Brownie recipe!

Selfie: Take a selfie at the Lilly table with the Nutrition for Athletes poster

IG Tags: @pinkinvitational @uniteforher

Station 2: Touch BBCA’s For the Love of My Gurls

Learn about breast health and cancer prevention for young girls.

Visit the For the Love of My Gurls/TouchBBCA table to collect educational materials and learn about healthy upgrades.

Selfie: Take a selfie at the TouchBBCA table with your educational materials

IG Tags: @pinkinvitational @unite4her

Station 3: Unite for HER

Learn about the Unite for HER mission. 

Each week, Unite for HER mails dozens of care boxes to breast and ovarian cancer patients across the country. Write an encouraging note to a UFH member that will be included in a care box!

Selfie: Take a selfie with your care box note

 IG Tags: @pinkinvitational @unite4her

Bonus Entry!

Thank a volunteer.

Pink is fueled by volunteers! Find a volunteer and thank them for giving their time to support Unite for HER and Pink!

Selfie: Take a selfie with a Pink volunteer

IG Tags: @pinkinvitational @unite4her

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